Bank Holiday & Wedding Anniversary

Over the August bank holiday we didn’t do much as it was Gavins fathers birthday and we wanted to spend some time with his family.  We enjoyed a takeaway that evening and the boys helped him open all his presents.

We pottered around the house other than that, cleaning and tidying and doing some DIY.  We enjoyed a few walks around our farmland and helped introduce the pheasants to their new home but overall it was a super chilled out weekend.  Gavin is still very wary about leaving the farm due to coronavirus and we tend to enjoy family time away from social places currently.  

On the Monday, Gavin looked after the children whilst I went to a two hour ((bounce)) session.  It’s my favourite way of working out, bouncing on a trampoline to get my cardio in for the week.  It’s low impact and you can create your own intensity based on your own level of fitness.  It caters to a lot of people and what’s best is it doesn’t feel like a chore going.  

We’re also enjoying our 5th Wedding Anniversary on the 05 September 2020 (today) and now that we have three children we made a conscious decision to do something together as a family.  We plan on going for a walk and then enjoy our favourite takeaway from Wagamamas.  Gavin and I had agreed not to go crazy this year, so i haven’t bought him any cards or gifts, it’s just nice to go through the day and remember all those little bits that made our wedding day so great.  As always we plan on watching the video of our wedding day. We usually go through our wedding book where people signed or left messages to us.

Life changes when children come along.  So much so I laugh at what we said on our honeymoon, five years ago.. we promised each other at five years we would go back to the hotel we stayed at on our wedding night and at 10 years we would go back to our honeymoon destination.  This is just unrealistic now with three children, but I wouldn’t change what I have, I’m super lucky to have my three boys and most importantly, Gavin, my husband, who helped create this life we’re living right now! 

Much love

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