Birthday Plans

This year!  I think you can guess what I’m about to say.  By now, I’ve planned what we’re going to do as a family for both my birthday (in October) and Tobias’ birthday (in November).  I plan so I can budget.  This year!  This year, I can’t do that.  After watching the news last night, there’s a second wave of Coronavirus on its way and it’s surrounded us, every county around North Yorkshire (apart from Our district) is currently going into a lockdown as of next week.  This leaves a lot of uncertainty for birthdays and Christmas.  I don’t want the children to miss out on a year of activities, but in the same way I don’t them to get ill from a disease I could have prevented them from contracting!  I know I’m not the only one in this boat, in fact most of the news is of the general public complaining about going into another lockdown, I know it’s for the best and a lockdown wouldn’t be put in place for no reason, but it’s still bittersweet!

So today I thought I would jot down some ideas of what I would like to do for Tobias and I, but we may have to change plans or not do anything at all, hopefully if this does happen though we can rearrange for the next year.  I’ve already had to make a huge change for Seths christening and put it on hold.  Christmas won’t be put on hold!

The usual plan for any of the boys birthdays is presents in the morning of their birthday, followed by a quick breakfast and getting dressed.  We then head out for the day on an adventure to a theme park or a farm etc.  We make sure we eat out for either lunch or/and tea and then we see other family members that evening and the weekend after.  For Hamish’s second birthday in July, we were all still in full lockdown and we had plans of visiting Diggerland, but we ended up going for a lovely walk, enjoying fish and chips for lunch and then we went out to pizza express a couple of weeks later once the restaurants reopened. 

Currently, the plan for my birthday is a meal out and a walk somewhere nice and autumnal.  Spending some downtime with my family is all I want!  The plan for Tobias’ birthday is a trip out to York Maze (this is up for debate currently) and then a meal out (probably Frankie & Benny’s if we’re in York) and then home to see all the grandparents.  I’ve already purchased most of Tobias’ presents however, just to make sure I can budget a little bit!  His main present is a bike with stabilisers, it’s time!  He’s also getting some kind of ball (maybe marble but I’m worried about his younger brothers) run, world map puzzle, a calendar for learning days of the week, months, weather and seasons, a role play pizza set for the play shop and a tractor (of course)!

Whatever happens with coronavirus we will both have fab birthdays as long as we make it fun, we could even get out some of the old school games to play at home!

Much love 

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