Seth Eight Month Update

This month seems to be getting more intense, I always promised myself to be honest in my blog posts and so want to jot this down – because I know I won’t always feel like this but it will act as a good reminder of how far I’ve come from this month.  Let me explain further.  Seth is still struggling with uncontrollable crying on an evening, this has happened since the first night he came home and hasn’t had a day off since.  He hates being put down and he certainly will not tolerate being left so I can venture to the toilet every so often, all this is resulting on it all building on my stress levels.  The fear of going into another lockdown again is ever looming and overall, I’m at an all time low.  

With regards to Seths milestones, his main accomplishment is that he has started crawling, all be it what I describe as the army crawl, using his arms to drag his body around the room, but he’s definitely on the move!  Its coming on every day!  He can hold onto items and support his full weight when standing now and gives big smiles of pride when he does so.  I’ve started to try and get him to wave and clap, which isn’t coming very easily to him, I usually just get giggles, but some days are better than others and he’ll do the motions.  His voice is starting to show through as well, lots of squeals and screams where he’s testing out his pitch.

Week thirty one – we visited Bolton abbey this week with Jen and her family, due to coronavirus there was a one way system put in place and we failed to find our way!  It was still an enjoyable day out and the boys had a lovely time playing in the water. My car also went in for its mot this week and it was the routine dentist appointment but this time we had to wear face masks (strange times)!

Week thirty two – was the bank holiday weekend, which Gavin ended up working, cutting the grass and picking up the final silage of the year.  Gavin and I went to view two schools this week and we fell in love with both, now we have to make decisions.  The boys and I met with a mummy friend on the Tuesday for a walk around Harlow carr which was lovely to catch up with her as we hadn’t seen her since Seth was born.  Finally, it was our wedding anniversary on the Saturday and we treated ourselves to a Wagamama’s.

Week thirty three – we looked at another school.  I picked up the collection of wild tribe hero books from Jarfull, I’ve been waiting for the full collection for a while to read to the boys to introduce them to some issues in the world today that animals are facing.  Gavin and I were invited out for a meal with the summer clay shoot, as it was their final night of shooting.  My mother and I ventured into Harrogate to go winter clothes shopping for the boys and it was a disaster – Seth wasn’t a happy bunny going around town, their was a lot of queuing and we ended up not picking many items up due to the summer clothes still being in store.  I also treated the car to a full valet at the weekend – it was much needed after lockdown!  

Week thirty four – we saw another of my mummy friends for a great catch-up, talking all things schools! The mattress came for Seths cot, so he will be making that transition shortly.  My mother and I ventured to a different shopping place on the Friday but still struggled to find many clothes for the boys, so online it is!  Gavin spent the Saturday clay shooting and getting ready for the pheasant season and we also went to another school for a visit.  This school surprised me, my expectations were low and the school ended up being on our top 3!

This month has been full of meeting up with friends and family! I’m expecting more teeth to appear this month as Seth is showing all the dribble signs and chewing on his fist continuously, he’s already got five teeth which is very different to both his brothers!  Seths personality is also starting to show, he’s a shy boy and hides his head (with a smile on his face) when strangers talk to him.  I adore every moment with him, especially when it’s just the two of us, I feel I can enjoy him more.  I just wish the crying would stop, i hope it doesn’t affect our relationship in the future, I don’t want to look at him when he’s older with distaste and bad memories, just because he was a colicky baby.    

Much love

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