Review of Shnuggle Bath

Brief Start/First Impressions

Shnuggle noticed a gap in the market that needed filling; a product that would make parents lives easier.  They are a company run by a husband and wife that slowly increased their catalogue as and when they recognised a need for something while bringing up their three babies. Now they’re making award winning products at reasonable prices.  

Features and Benefits

Seth was able to use the Shnuggle Bath from day one.  The first ever time he had a bath there were no tears, lots of calmness and an instant love with the water.  The Shnuggle bath makes bathing a newborn baby so much easier. Because of its upright bucket design, Seth was naturally in an upright position and his whole back and head were supported. In the bottom of the bath is a bump that his bottom sits in meaning he wasn’t able to slip around easier.  The bath features a rubbery pad on the back so baby has something comfy against their skin which is also not as cold as the plastic. There is also a handy little fill line so you know how to safely prepare the bath. All these features mean you are hands free and able to wash your child easily and safety.  It’s also worth noting that you can purchase a stand to go with your bath so baby is at your height and you don’t have to strain your back.  The bath itself has rubber feet for extra grip and it is super sturdy on all the different surfaces in my home.  

Pros & Cons

As much as I love the idea behind the Shnuggle bath, it looks small.  The bath clams to last for the first year of your child’s life, and I’ve seen it.  The Body Coach was using his Shnuggle Bath on his daughter who was eighteen months old at the time.  However there is a few months in between a newborn and a child who is over a year old.  The time where your baby isn’t able to full sit up and support themselves independently.  Seth has long legs and nearly flipped out of the bath on several occasions by using his legs to bounce up and down off the sides and create momentum to turn over.  I have since moved him into his upright seat in the bath with the other two boys so I can keep a better eye on him.  

Overall Feedback 

Without a second thought! I would, and I do, recommend this bath to everyone who has a newborn! I wouldn’t advise past six months old though but it is much better than a standard baby bath and you don’t need to be holding your baby all the time, whilst skilfully trying to wash them at the same time. I’ve put ours into storage now but we kept getting it back out during the summer months for water play in the garden, all the boys enjoyed this!

It’s worth having a look at the Shnuggle website because I truly didn’t realise how many other products they actually do!

Much love 


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