Seths Nine Month Update

Seth has been earth side the same amount of time that he was in my belly.  Seth is different again in personality to his brothers.  He’s definitely got elements of both Tobias and Hamish in his manners but I’m excited to see what sort of little gentleman he grows into.  At this stage, Tobias was sleeping through the night in his own room, he learnt to walk at 9 months, 3 weeks old and in general he was very physically active.  Hamish was the polar opposite in these milestones, in fact he was 13 months before he attempted any kind of movement, but he seemed to develop in other areas. Seth is in the middle, he’s standing by himself, wants to move but doesn’t have strength in his legs yet.  

He sounds like he is combining syllables into word-like sounds but no specific words yet. He loves nothing more than banging, dropping and throwing objects around so we’ve got the percussion instruments out for him. I’ve been watching him carefully and have noticed his pincer grip is developing really well, especially from having finger foods and purées now, he’s able to pick up peas and sweetcorn easily and swallow them, which I’m very proud of. He even tries to grasp the spoon from me now, when being fed.  He definitely knows his own name and has started moving from a sitting position to a crawling position, crawling everywhere now super fast.  As I said he holds onto furniture by himself and can stand momentarily without holding on, but no steps yet unless he’s holding someone’s hands.  

Week thirty five – we went for a walk around Ripley castle grounds to see the deer and enjoy the autumnal vibes.  We also had a visit from the Health Visitor for Hamish, it was a fab meeting that didn’t take too long as he ticked all the boxes for his age group. 

Week thirty six – our car went in to the garage to have the air con recharged, so being carless meant trying to entertain all three children around the farm for the day.  It was also my birthday weekend and we went for a lovely walk around the stray in Harrogate followed by picking up a Nando’s takeaway (we didn’t fancy sitting in with coronavirus).

Week thirty seven – my mother, Seth and I went for a shopping trip to the Works to pick up crafty stuff for the boys and we managed to spend a lot of money.  It was the first day of the shoot this weekend, it wasn’t the best in numbers but Gavin wasn’t too worried. Gavin also lost a tooth this week and had to visit the dentist as he was in a lot of pain with it.

Week thirty eight – this week was a quiet week a lot of prepping for Tobias and Seths birthdays and Christmas too.  I also went to get my eyebrows done again, as there’s talks of us going back into a lockdown soon! 

Week thirty nine – the clocks changed over this weekend and none of the boys have climatized, waking up an hour earlier each morning since!  The main part of this week was full of visits to the hospital.  Seth had a high fever that lasted five days in the end but calpol didn’t help, he then developed a rash all over his torso.  We were eventually told he had a viral infection, most probably tonsillitis with secondary ear infection (all his sinus’ were affected) and it was just a viral rash – his body’s natural way of getting rid of the toxins. 

Unlike his brothers, Seth is super ticklish and listening to his giggles melts my heart.  We have had some big dramas recently with a viral infection causing us to visit the hospital twice (even staying over one night), but that was short lived thankfully and everything has returned to normal daily life.  Seth is a lot happier now he’s able to be included in certain activities with his brothers and is able to feed himself, meaning he can be occupied for short periods of time which helps me, hugely. 

Much love


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