Conscious Gifting

Before I share with you what I have got Tobias and Seth for their birthdays and my ideas for Christmas this year, I wanted to share some of the tips I have picked up along the way around trying to buy more sustainably, trying to stay mindful of my waste and my ethos.

  1. Try to buy second hand
  2. Give old/unwanted gifts to charity – if you don’t love them, someone else might 
  3. Hold a ‘swap’ event.  This may be difficult during coronavirus constraints but it’s a lovely idea to grab yourself a bargain
  4. Rewrap hand me downs
  5. Give experience gifts (this is exactly up my street and what I love to receive – time to spend with my family)
  6. Try to use fabric or old paper for wrapping (remember to save your wrapping too)
  7. Buy locally where possible or use small businesses
  8. Edible homemade treats

Let’s talk Stocking Fillers – They can sometimes be marketed as a novelty, but I’ve pulled together a list of some items that are either plastic free, reusable, ethically made or are sustainable!

1. Plastic free hair ties they’re great for the environment and soft on your hair.

2. Bamboo toothbrushes are compostable (just remember to remove the bristles first) and they come in a huge range.

3. Recycled bird feeders are usually made from plastic and are a great way to put food out for the birds during winter

4. Reusable straws are a great sustainable purchase, that helps people start their own zero waste journeys.

5. Reusable nail varnish remover pads are made from sustainable sources, not bleached cotton and are most definitely not just single use. Facial cotton pads and wipes are also good to consider. 

6. Paper pot makers for garden use help to reduce the amount of plastic pots and trays being used and helps to reuse old newspapers! 

7. Cotton shower puffs are a great environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic puffs.

8. Loose leaf tea strainers – I love mine.  A tea strainer is the perfect little stocking filler to get people into loose leaf! It would be great paired with some loose tea as well.

9. Sustainable makeup – an ethical stocking filler that shows people an alternatively high street brands. 

10. Socks are always a good choice, especially some super soft and sustainable bamboo beauties.  I usually go for thick wool socks that are great for on the farm.   

11. Soap – kind for your skin and the environment.  Made from natural ingredients and are zero waste, so perfect. 

12. Travel mugs are perfect for taking your drinks out and about with you and there are so many coffee shops now accepting of this initiative.  Lunch boxes, bags etc can be included too.

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide and I also hope I’ve inspired a few sustainable purchases!

Much love 


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