Benefits of Cero

Benefits of CeroZero waste is very close to my heart, this year I’ve made a more conscious change (and dragged my family along too) but I often get asked ‘what are the benefits of going zero waste’?  The truth is that zero waste living has amazing economic, environmental, and personal advantages!  Some benefits of zero waste are:

  • ▪zero waste reduces meaningless shopping
  • ▪zero waste focuses on long-lasting & high-quality products
  • ▪zero waste prevents food waste
  • ▪zero waste saves money
  • ▪zero waste helps conserve resources
  • ▪zero waste reduces pollution
  • ▪zero waste supports the reduction of global warming

Now the main question I do get asked is around food.  Supermarkets say they are trying to make more of an effort to put less plastic on their shelves but in practise this doesn’t happen and unfortunately that leaves the consumer (you) with no other choice but to pick that product.  Bulk stores have helped to combat this issue. Today I buy almost everything in bulk, to name a few items; flour, grains, nuts, beans, shampoo, conditioner, spices, oils, chocolate, coffee, tea, dried fruits, snacks and, of course, fruits and vegetables.

Buying in bulk cuts down on product packaging and transportation costs, reduces waste, and is usually cheaper because your only buying what you need.  The problem with food packaging is that production of food packaging takes a tremendous amount of energy and a great number of resources.

For a while I was travelling into town to go to our local refilling station on a weekly basis, but as well as that I was travelling to get my fruit and veg, travelling to get my meat and then travelling to the supermarket (during COVID19) to get everything else I needed for that week.  So I was using a lot of fuel and i felt it was counterproductive.  Since then I have changed my routine again, and this is a good point, it’s a journey to zero waste, no one is perfect, it’s just about trying to do something (as little as you want).  

My current food routine is I still go to my local town for my meat each week but fruit and veg is delivered to my house each week, as is milk, yoghurts, butter and porridge from local traders.  Sainsbury’s deliver once a week.  The main change that I came across was an online bulk store based close to me.  

Cero is an online zero waste shop offering produce in the weight you require, delivered in eco friendly packaging by an environmentally friendly delivery service.  Cero means ‘zero’ in Spanish.  Their aim is to help others #reducewaste and #reduceplastic!  The website is super easy to use, just scroll through the produce and select what you want.  Select the packaging (compostable pouches or reusable cotton produce bags) and select the weight you require.  Once you have everything you need, head to the checkout and remember to include your preferred delivery date.  There’s an ever growing range of produce that are all delicious (my husband can vouch for that) including dried fruit, nuts, confectionery, baking goods, sugars, seeds, beans, rice, pastas, cereals, herbs and spices as well as some great gifts and wellness products.

I love Cero for the easiness of use, ability to order online (it’s fast and efficient) and that it takes my travelling journey out of my week.  If you do buy something from the website don’t forget to use my discount code ‘motherhoodinfarming10’ and once you receive your delivery Cero and I would love to see or hear what you got and what you think.  Check out Cero’s instagram @cero.onlinezerowaste and remember to tag me too! 

Much love 


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