Christmas 2020

I don’t usually share what I purchased for the boys at Christmas time and the lead up to Christmas as well, however I don’t seem to take pictures either and always find myself asking what I bought for them the previous year or their brother when they were that age! I also used to set a budget and I ended up blowing it every single time so I then changed it to quantity, so try and divide the boys so they have the same amount of presents to open on the actual day , hoping there is no jealousy and that has worked for me for the last few years.

This year because I’ve got three children I’ve had to make more of a conscious effort of what I’m purchasing so try to stick around the ideas of something to wear, something useful and something crafty. What I’ve also found is that now we have toy rotation in place and choosing a theme per week, I’ve been able to purchase toys specifically to fit in the themes where I was missing or requiring more activities for them.

In the past my boys have received the Christmas Eve box on Christmas Eve night. We then opened stockings in the morning before Gavin got in from jobs and then once the whole family was together that’s when we opened Father Christmas presents and a large present from Gavin and I. This has changed this year we decided to do a 1st of December box which includes Christmas related items that will be used for the whole of the month. We’ve done a smaller size Christmas Eve box which is from me and Gavin and then all the rest of the presents are from Father Christmas.

In the 1st of December boxes I included a Christmas jumper for each of the boys, which were all reused from previous years, including Tobias. Also i included the plates, drinks cups and bowls, Christmas themed for all the boys. The obligatory chocolate coins were in there as were the advent calendars as well.

In there Christmas Eve boxes are going to be some cupcake making Santa cupcakes. I put some items to make hot chocolates for all of us (chocolate bombs, marshmallows, squirt cream). There is their personalised decorations that we hang on the tree. More chocolates and candy canes! Popcorn to eat whilst watching a Christmas film. Some festive Bath bombs. Finally, the tray items for when Santa visits (Reindeer feed, carrot, sloe gin, mince pie and chocolates).

Each of the stockings are slightly different, but they all have cosy socks, Play-Doh and a percussion instrument (triangle, symbols, jingle stick). Each has a Satsuma and a chocolate Santa as well. I’ve also got some bath toys which I’m going to give one to each of the children from planet toys. Personalised crayons with colouring in book for Tobias and Hamish. Tobias also had a yo-yo whilst Hamish and Seth had kaleidoscopes.

And then we get to the Father Christmas presents for each of the boys, I’ll list them below:

For Tobias:

  • knitted jumper

  • tractor jigsaw

  • balancing tree

  • bee honeycomb tong game

  • giant road jigsaw

  • spinning tops

  • glockenspiel

  • dinosaur number jigsaw

  • my first greenhouse

  • doctors set

  • sorting pie

  • mushroom counting toadstool

For Hamish:

  • children’s hanging rail with coloured socks

  • digger number puzzle

  • counting puzzle

  • clappers

  • Lanka Kade dinosaurs

  • rescue squad jigsaw

  • pizza role play kit

  • Counting ladybirds

  • mini flowers

  • vegetable garden role-play kit

  • shape sorter

  • knitted jumper

For Seth:

  • jumper

  • jeans

  • coloured sensory blocks

  • egg escalator spiral

  • grapat balls

  • rings

  • easy hold magnifier

  • wooden treasury basket

  • bear russian dolls

  • wooden my first car toy

  • rainmaker

  • three rabbits in a carrot

I hope you found this blog post of interest and I wish each and everyone of you a special Christmas this year and I hope you can make the most of what the day can bring.

Much love


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