New Years Resolutions

It’s always good to reflect on the past year and think about the future. 2020 has been a strange year but it’s made me want to write a list more than ever to jot down some goals to try achieve in 2021. Most of the ones I set for 2020 have not happened (for obvious reasons) so I may transfer them into this list for 2021:

1. I would like to go on “date nights” with Gavin – this has been on my list for the last two years, I wanted to make it a monthly thing but having three boys it doesn’t happen. For 2021 I’ve changed this to a monthly takeaway – but dressing the table and having a sit down meal.

2. I would like to get out into the countryside more, such as going for walks or exploring new places we haven’t been before. This happened! Because of coronavirus we managed to get out more than ever. But we stayed near home due to coronavirus, for 2021 I would like to continue this and explore this little place where we live!

3. I would like to get away this year with my family – I’m hoping that coronavirus will have either gone or made it easier to go away for a few weeks. I plan on going before April. As Tobias starts school in September I don’t know when we will be able to go again but I would love to go at the end of the year too.

4. I hope to get my life in order this year. I guess this is all around my organisation such as sorting out my whole life, including meal planning, scheduling, outfits, jobs to do that day and cleaning. Along with the boys routine too (which is currently ever changing on a daily basis) – I feel like this is a never ending goal and will be forever changing so let’s just leave it as it is, I’ve already made a start by putting my 2021 calendar together and adding birthdays etc into it.

5. Fitness – surprise, surprise! It’s on my list AGAIN. My aim is to lose the baby weight and get back to my wedding weight in time for my sister in laws wedding (August 2021). Fitness is my way to get away from the stresses of day to day and get motivated to just do life!

6. House – as always (and I’m sure you’ve realised) there’s plenty of jobs to get on with around the house so I’m making it my mission to complete a couple of rooms/areas this year. The hallway and the garden, in particular for 2021.

7. Finally, I would like to grow my blog and make more of an effort to get good content out there, that people would like to read – I hope you, as the reader, have enjoyed reading this page of mine over the past year, I’ve got plenty of content planned for 2021 too!

I’d love to hear your plans for 2021, maybe I could even add them to my list!

Much love


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