Christmas & New Year 2020

Christmas Eve the boys spent the day with their Nanna and grandad whilst me and Gavin prepped the food for Christmas Day and delivered Christmas presents to friends. That night the boys opened their Christmas Eve boxes and we enjoyed a Chinese takeaway with the family. We finished the night watching a Christmas film with hot chocolates!

On Christmas Day itself the boys woke at 6:30am and we stayed in bed watching telly whilst waiting for Gavin to get in from morning jobs on the farm. Gavin brought up the boys stockings to open in bed and then we ventured downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast we opened the presents from Father Christmas, closely followed by getting changed for the day. It was then time to start getting the food ready for lunch and my mum came round about this time too. While they all played together around the Christmas tree, I cooked the food. The Christmas meal was a success even the Yorkshire puddings had risen this time. The rest of the afternoon we watched the TV (in particular the Queen speech) and played with toys. Gavin and his parents ventured out for evening jobs on the farm around 3.30pm. My mum had gone home at this time as well and once Gavin came in around 7pm we went and had our second Christmas dinner of the day with his side of the family. We enjoyed opening presents with Gavin family after eating and then it was bedtime. The day flew by!

Boxing day was a more relaxed affair. We had our breakfast and went for a morning walk around the farm woods. We then enjoyed a gammon joint dinner for lunch. Other than that we didn’t do much else apart from playing and enjoying each other’s company. Gavin and his family have always had time off between Christmas and New Year where they do morning and evening jobs but a few hours of ‘off time’ in between. We didn’t have much planned due to Coronavirus, I would usually use this time to meet with friends during the festive period but as this year is a little different we stayed at home.

New Year’s Eve soon came upon us and we were due to meet with our goddaughter and her family, but due to the changes in lockdown it was cancelled and instead we watched movies and enjoyed a picnic tea around the fire. Usually on New Year’s Day my side of the family get together for a big meal but as the lockdown has prevented this again not much happened on this day instead we decided to put some activities in place and make light hearted fun.

We’ve made the most out of the festivities and spent some time with both sides of our family, to which I am grateful for. I know a lot of people have been in a different boat this year. I look forward to what 2021 can bring. Please take a read of my recent blog post about my new year hopes and aspirations.

Much love to you all at this time


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