Seths Eleven Month Update

If I’m honest, Seth has been hard work this month!  More so through the night, but having checked the wonder weeks app – it’s completely normal for his age and it means he’s getting ready for the next growth spurt in his development.  I think we’re one step closer to getting ready for Seth to make the transition into his own room though!  We’re in the process of moving his cot away from our bed into a corner of the room maybe he will sleep through the night soon! Who am I kidding! 

Seth can already say hi (for hello), ga (for gran) da (for dad) and at the right people, together with the correct actions too.  He now claps his hands, waves hello, blows bubbles and kisses (be they very sloppy). He fully feeds himself now and is developing that awesome pincer grip.  His crawling has become a-lot faster over the last couple of weeks, to the point he climbs the stairs and I can’t keep up with him!

Week forty four – all the boys had haircuts this week, ready for Christmas and the older two boys had their flu vaccine (up the nose) too. 

Week forty five – Seth and I went to meet a friend at a soft play (if I’m honest I didn’t feel comfortable being there with coronavirus and don’t plan on going back anytime soon) it was lovely to see my friend in person though and have an actual conversation with someone! The shoot started up again after the lockdown in November 2020.  This week we went for our Christmas tree, which was a fab family trip out and we ended the week enjoying the Christingle service online (I’d picked up the bits beforehand to be able to complete the activity whilst watching).  

Week forty six – this week would have been James birthday.  I also picked up the wreath from our local fruit and vegetable shop.  I lost a filling, but the dentist was able to see me straight away and get it fixed.  Finally we had the pleasure of receiving a nativity set from church, to explore for twenty four hours.

Week forty seven – I visited a sensory place for babies and disabled people, which was an insane place!  It had everything you could imagine and more to explore, we will definitely be revisiting this place!  The only other thing we got up to this week was cleaning the house ready for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Week forty eight – Gavin had his hair cut ready for Christmas and I got my eyebrows done, as I had a feeling we were going to be going into another lockdown soon.  It was the day of James passing and I took the day to remember him (whilst being in hospital all day)!  Gavin and I finished off Christmas shopping on Christmas Eves eve and then it was Christmas day etc – I’m writing a blog all around what we got up to, so go check that out soon.

Usually by this age I’ve been getting ready for my baby to start nursery,  with Seth being the third, we can’t afford all of them so Seth will be with me until Tobias starts school.  I’m going to cherish this time with him as I’m quickly learning that time flies and I’m hoping this next year will mean I’m able to do some baby/toddler classes with him, time where Seth and I can enjoy together, so I can change my initial memories of him (especially as a newborn with colic)!   

Much love


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