Lockdown Life

It’s January, there isn’t much to do and it’s hard to get out and about with all the bad weather we’re having and the long nights don’t help either. So I thought I would share a winter lockdown day with you all! Alot has changed since I last did one of these (May 2020) Seth has grown lots, in fact all the boys have! I like to keep myself busy and the boys occupied as much as possible, so here goes:

05.30: Gavin gets up to do the morning jobs on the farm, it’s usually me who gets him up as Seth is having a feed around this time. Seth and I dose back off until his brothers wake up.
07.00: Tobias, Hamish and Seth usually wake up around this time and both come up to my room to play.
07.30: We get out of bed (because it all gets a bit loud and crazy) and I then get myself ready for the day, followed by all three boys. We then head downstairs.
08.15: Is when we usually have breakfast and Gavin joins us when he’s finished on the farm.
09.30: Gavin goes back out to work for the morning and it’s usually time for Seth to have a nap. So I take him to bed whilst the older two play and then it’s time for me to try to do my cleaning jobs and anything else I have on my to do list for that day.
11.00: Seth will wake up and then we head out for the day, if we can Get out we head around to the farm for a walk. Snacks are usually taken with us too!
12.30: Is our usual lunch time closely followed by Hamish going for his nap (if he’s having one, at the moment it’s every third day he requires a nap).
14.00: Seth is ready for his second nap just as Hamish is ready to wake up. So it’s usually a juggling act for me! This is when I try to set a workbook for Tobias or games on his IPad for him to work on.
15.30 Gavin comes in for a quick drink and then goes out to do night jobs on the farm. Seth usually wakes up and all three boys are ready for a snack and then I catch up on the clothes washing and dishwasher.
16.30: I start to get the house ready for the night time and start making the boys teas.
17:00: Is teatime for the children and desserts too, I try to get them involved as much as possible as well as entertaining Seth and stopping him from climbing everywhere!
18.00: Is the time for the children’s bath, this takes a while now, washing, brushing teeth and getting dressed into PJs.
19.00: Gavin tends to get in just at bedtime, so he will play with the boys whilst I read books (one for each of the boys). Then straight to bed with cuddles and kisses. Gavin and I take it in turns to give Seth his final bottle and put him to bed, whoever isn’t With Seth makes tea for the both of us.
20.00: Gavin and I will then do any jobs we need to do, I will exercise every other day, on Sundays is toy rotation and other than that we use this time to catch up on our TV.
22.30: We go to bed.

Now I feel in the last year we’ve spent more time in lockdown then not, so this is the new ‘normal’ for us, the idea of transitioning back to the old ‘normal’ is going to prove tough! Mixing with people socially and finding my feet again with all three is going to take some getting used to (eventually, if/when it ever happens)!

Much love

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