Spring Bucket List

Back in June I planned my autumn activities and now we’re nearly into winter I wanted to tick off what we achieved (even during a lockdown). I’ve never made a big deal out of the seasons changing but being on a farm and being brought up in this environment I want to teach my children the seasons and what to expect. This is what we got up to:

  • Collect pinecones
  • See some fireworks
  • Toast marshmallows
  • Make leaf monsters
  • Go for a walk in the wood
  • Pick blackberries
  • Do leaf rubbings
  • Splash in muddy puddles
  • Collect conkers
  • Make apple crumble
  • Jump in piles of leaves
  • Go on a scavenger hunt – collect a leaf rainbow
  • Make bird feed cakes
  • Have a bonfire
  • Build an insect hotel

And this is what we missed and will add to 2021 bucket list.

  • Make a hedgehog house
  • Plant bulbs for the following spring
  • Make a nest box
  • Make a garland
  • Paint pumpkins
  • Pick apples
  • Go to a Harvest Festival Celebration and take along some food to donate
  • Make leaf lanterns
  • Make an autumn leaf sun catcher
  • Go to a farm and pick a pumpkin
  • Make a leaf crown

Now, it was a long list of things to fit into two-three months, but the beauty of making a bucket list means you can transfer them into the next year! I’m currently planning spring (now let me start by saying I realise winter hasn’t even started yet, but the lead up to Christmas brings its own list of activities each day). I just wanted to jot down a few things that have been going around my head on a night so that maybe I could sleep once in a while! As a side note, I would love to be able to teach the boys what seasonal fruit and vegetables are due each month – even I’m not fully aware of these! So here’s my list of to dos for this spring and going forward into future years:

  • Have a picnic
  • Fly a kite
  • Plant seeds
  • Declutter the house
  • Visit a playground
  • Pick wildflowers
  • Bird watch
  • Search for four-leaf clovers
  • Splash in puddles
  • A nature themed scavenger hunt
  • Blow bubbles outside
  • Put up a bird house or feeder
  • Bike ride
  • See the Easter Bunny
  • Climb a tree
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Draw a rainbow
  • See the Cherry Blossoms
  • Play hopscotch
  • Have a garden tea party
  • Cloud-gaze
  • Yoga outside
  • Celebrate Earth Day
  • Visit the seaside
  • Feed ducks
  • Make a flower arrangement

I would love to know what you get up to each spring!

Much love


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