12 Months of Seth & How we Celebrated

A year of Seth, a year of being a parent to three boys, a year of being a family of five!  Looking back on this time last year, times were hard.  Seth had horrendous colic that lasted a long time (six months) together with lockdown and no relief from my mother or nursery.  I was spiralling down a dark hole.  But we come to the present day and I’m on cloud nine, I’ve found my feet with three in tow and trying to meet all their needs, whilst juggling the housekeeping and a farmer husband!  

Seth had taken his steps two weeks before his birthday but now he is off, desperate to be in the gang with his brothers and tottering around after them (albeit slowly).  Seth says ‘’mama’, ‘dada’, ‘gaga’ and ‘baba’  at all the correct people.  He copies everything I do, banging the table, playing cheers with cups, waving and blowing raspberries etc.  He definitely understands me, especially the words ‘stop’ or ‘no’. 

Week forty nine – this was the week in between Christmas and new year.  I had some paperwork to do for the farm which took up a day, thankfully Gavin had the week off so was able to help with childcare.  This was also the week of the last shoot, we went into lockdown straight after the new year.  The decorations also came down which was a really sad day.

Week fifty – on the Monday I got my nails done, on the night the lockdown announcement actually happened.  This week then turned into a very quiet week, so it was a lot of veg patch planning and cleaning the chickens out.

Week fifty one – we decided to put the cot sides on for Seth, getting ready for him to move into his own bedroom in the spring.  This week I also had a lot of paperwork to do for Gavins gun certificates and moving guns around due to his grandfather’s dementia. 

Week fifty two – was Seths birthday week, I spent the week mainly planning and getting ready for the big day.    

For the other two boys’ first birthdays we went out for family adventure somewhere.  Unfortunately for Seths first birthday it fell in lockdown 3.  We do have plans to go out in the future though (once lockdown is over).  I still wanted to spoil Seth for his big day, so we paid for a beautiful ‘night sky’ cake to be made.  I wrapped all his presents in eco friendly wrapping with a wolf cub stamp and poster paint for decoration.  On the actually eve of his birthday Gavin built Seths main present, whilst I blew up all the balloons for a balloon garland.  His actual birthday fell on a Thursday, so Gavin took the day off and we decided on going for a walk around the farm.  The weather was dismal and we ended up soaked and windswept.  We picked up a dominoes pizza for lunch at home and then in the afternoon we went to see Gavin’s side of the family and eat the cake with them.  

Seth had a lovely birthday, spending it with his family and because of his age he doesn’t know any different (thankfully), I cant wait to see what the next year will bring, watching Seth grow into a toddler is going to be great fun and seeing his personality evolve and grow with his brothers is a real pleasure to watch.  

Much love

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