Review of KeepCup

Disposable cups and plastic lids are terrible for the environment, most barristers are coming round to this idea and will accept your cups to fill themselves. I’ve never needed a takeaway cup until children, and it’s not because I go out! It’s just to make sure it stays warm (ish) for a little longer than a standard cup. I also require a lid now for spillages! For Christmas I bought Gavin and I both a KeepCup each. Gavins is the thermos one, whilst mine is a glass one.

So let’s start with the glass one first. I love the stylish, trendy look. With a toughened soda-lime glass body and a cork band so you don’t burn your hand. It’s made from recyclable material with a splash-free plastic lid (and a plug for the sipper hole). KeepCup users stop millions of disposable cups from going to landfill every day, and through their actions inspire others to do the same.

It can withstand a temperature of up to 100°C/212°F. There’s different colours available and different sizes too, meaning you can make them personal to you. The cup itself can’t go in the dishwasher but is easy to clean in the sink, along with the bottles and bamboo plates I wash daily. All KeepCups also comes with a one year warranty for manufacturing defects and has a 30-day replacement policy for the cork band or glass breakage.


  • Lightweight, colourful and dishwasher safe

  • Eco Friendly

  • Fits in car cup holder


  • Price

  • Can break with sudden temperature changes or accidents

  • lower heat insulation compared to other travel coffee mugs

  • Not fully leak-proof or spill-resistant

  • Not microwavable or dishwasher-safe

Gavins, is very similar. His is made from stainless steel with a polypropylene alloy lid. It keeps it temperature for longer (so it can withstand cold weather)! And because of the materials it can withstand accidents (to a certain degree), Gavin says he’s watched his bounce a few times! Again it can’t go in the dishwasher or microwave but that’s not the worst thing for us anymore.

I’m really happy with my purchases and am glad that we’ve made these easy swap (when we can eventually go out for takeaway coffee once again)!

Much love Rebecca

Much love



  1. I love my keep cups! I have a small metal one for coffee and a big metal one that attaches to the diaper bag. The only drawback is like you mentioned, not being able to put them in the dishwasher. Cheers!

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