Lockdown Changing Bag

No joke, I haven’t used a changing bag in a year, even in between lockdowns I didn’t go anywhere that warranted a changing bag, so thought I’d best give it a clean and see what was actually left in it! Pre warning, it’s going to be gross! I’ve done many ‘what’s in my bag posts before, mostly around when another child joined the party but this is going to be a very different post this time!

This is the contents of the bag and it’s made me clean the bag out too:

Car keys


Hand sanitiser

Spare contact lenses

Teether toy





Deodorant & perfume

Changing mat

Nappy wash bag

Wet wipes holder



Head phones

Mask (compulsory at the moment)!

Reusable bag

I’ve pulled out all clothes, nappies and muslins to be able to use on a daily basis. The clothes are also far too small for Seth now! Ive also removed the bags I had stored away in the car that included a change of clothes for each child.

So there we have it, the bag has everything I need and there’s still space left for other items. Thankfully toddlers and young children don’t require as much stuff as babies.

Much love


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