Zero Waste Swaps That Save You Money

I think the title to this weeks blog post is self explanatory, I’ve made many of these changes myself already but I aim to make more over the next year. So let’s get into it:

• Microfibre reusable cloths – can be used in lots of different way forcleaning, kitchen roll and many more.

• A drink bottle is another money saving no brainer. Not just for water but any soft drink you usually buy. A reusable coffee cup is a must too, they’re very on trend at the moment and save you money in the long run, as well as saving the planet!

• I don’t own them myself as I don’t not have a coffee machine but you can purchase reusable coffee filters/pods.

• Washable beeswax wraps are another money saving zero waste quick win – I use them instead of cling film, foil, food bags etc. And once a year I coat them in beeswax myself to make them last even longer!

• Fabric napkins is something I’ve invested in. I went with plain white ones and jazz them to the theme of the tablescape with ribbons etc.

• Muslin cloths are a huge zero waste change, where you don’t see much of a difference. You can use them in place of cotton wool, baby wipes, as a handkerchief, make up removers and many other ways. The only change is you throw them in the washing machine instead of the bin!

• Reusable shopping bags are an obvious swap, that is now (in my opinion) mandatory so you don’t get charged 5p for a plastic bag.

• A composter can handle many food waste and other brown/green waste components. It’s a long term money saver for compost and I’ve seen a massive change from investing in mine.

• Freezing leftovers is a great way to cut food waste. I use glass containers or reusable silicone bags that save money on disposable freezer bags.

• Reusable silicone baking cups are another cheap easy zero waste product that can quickly save money if you’re big bakers. You can’t recycle used paper cups as they have been contaminated with food!

• You can also save money on kitchen foil and baking paper with a silicone baking mat.

• My safety razor is a big investment but I’ll never have to buy plastic razors or a disposable one again! The shave is a lot closer too, that lasts longer!

• If you’re a new parent, reusable nappies are a possibility. They can seem daunting but the money savings ARE huge. As are the environmental benefits.

• A tea infuser and bulk buying loose tea can save money on tea bags.

• And a stainless steel straw is easy peasy and one f the first swaps most people make

• Longer term a fountain pen, if looked after will last you for life, saving money on biros and is even more zero waste if you use a refillable converter rather than cartridges. I don’t own one at the moment, but it’s on my list!

• Finally, gift wrap, bags and cards. Make your own, keep what your given to reuse or use fabric. Be inventive and it always means alt to the recipient.

I hope these ideas have helped you put r even inspired you to make some small changes. Is there anything you would add?

Much love



  1. I’ve started using reusable cloths myself recently. It’s pretty crazy how much kitchen roll can be saved by doing that. They seem to work better too.

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