The Boys Bedroom

Maria Montessori was an educational pioneer who worked with young children to encourage creativity and independence. The Montessori approach is all about creating an environment that helps your children to be independent and be able to daily activities by themselves. Meaning your child learns about the world around them at their own pace in their own environment. For example it could be a little wash station at their level, a set of drawers your child can access and choose what to wear themselves or a bed low down so a child can access without or little help.

I haven’t fully followed the Montessori approach, instead taking elements and including them into our day to day life. Ultimately trying to encourage my boys to think and act independently.

With the boys room I felt it was important to keep simple and manageable and with little technology so they can relax and drift off to sleep easily. As throughout the house, I’ve kept the walls neutral and kept the soft furnishings basic, making sure I had blackout curtains (especially for creating a night time environment in the summer months when it’s still light out). I haven’t put any toys in the boys bedroom do they can’t be used as a distraction either. Instead I set up a book corner with a chair and bookcase to help with the bedtime routine.

Both boys have a toddler bed from a John Lewis and have used duvets and pillows from eighteen months old. I also include two soft teddies on each of their beds for comfort, which neither have overly taken to. Each bed has a side table next to it, so they can put a night time drink down and still access easily.

I haven’t hung any artwork in their room, instead opting for a minimal aesthetic and a few personalised mementos from when they were born (a name train, a music box, a book collection and a birth information cube each). Perhaps in the future I may set up a hanging washing line for them to display their own work.

For clothes storage I used a hanging rail each for their tops and ikea cube storage with boxes for the rest of their clothes and bed linen. This means it’s all at the children’s level, making them child-friendly cubbies. On the shelves is a Himalayan salt lamp (used as a night light) and a baby monitor. I have put a mirror in their room for them to use, again at a level for them to see themselves, which is a great place to keep a hairbrush too and the boys independently brush their hair. I aren’t happy with the mirror as it is (colour mainly) so I don’t know if I’ll look to purchase a new one or up-cycle the current one in some way.

I hope I’ve created a space in their bedroom for dressing, nappy changing, reading and sleeping. Things are about to change though, with Seth moving down into the spare room, which is currently where all their toys are stored. I have to find a new location for all the toys, the tableland chairs and the trampoline. So something might end up in he boys rooms!

Much love

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