No holidays for us in 2020 and now we’ve made the decision not to again for 2021.  We have a very special wedding in August this year and we don’t want to ruin any plans by risking or contracting COVID, even if it unintentionally.  So we’ve decided to not go to any big events this year and to not go on any holidays.  Things may change for the end part of the year, once we have Tobias’ school calendar. 

I must admit I wasn’t supposed to be writing this blog post today, I was supposed to be writing a blog post about a ‘March’ holiday that we had just come home from!  Right now, we’re slowly coming out of,lockdown but I don’t think coronavirus will have miraculously gone. 

This is the reality for a lot of us, right? The coronavirus pandemic – and the subsequent lockdowns – carries more than just anxiety over our health and our lifestyles. Lockdown restrictions have brought cancelled plans for all of us, and the emotions around that are different for everyone.  It would be easy to wallow about our cancelled plans. The expectancy we had, and the disappointment is pretty huge. Thankfully the children are all at an age where they don’t care for holidays and just like to spend time outdoors! 

However, we will be doing other things over the summer to distract us all.  Moving forward with the garden and trying to finish it off, together with growing and maintaining the vegetable plot.  I imagine this will keep us super busy. When the weather allows, we will be heading out for BBQs, picnics, days out with friends and hopefully meals out and plenty of shopping! 

Much love 


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