Mother’s Day and Easter 2021

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we had a normal day at home.  I cooked a huge roast dinner for the whole family and my mother joined us too.  I’d borrowed some of my grandmas very precious China crockery for the day to make the meal extra special.  I received a bunch of flowers from each of my boys and lots of handmade cards.  For me Mother’s Day is about spending it with the people who made me a mother and enjoying the simple things in life.  It makes me feel very loved and really that’s what it’s all about!

Each Easter gets better, in my eyes. As the boys grow and understand more, the traditions I set from an early age are starting to be considered as the norm for them and the excitement from the activities makes me super happy.  Because of Coronavirus we decided to stay home for the majority of the time anyways. We normally go for a walk to the ducks at some point over the weekend and then enjoy a picnic, I try to get to the church service on the Sunday but last year (because of full lockdown) we changed it up completely and because it worked so well we were keen to carry on with these traditions.  

On Good Friday, the boys received their Easter presents from Nana and Grandad.  Instead of buying big Christmas presents, they give the boys a big present at Easter.  This year the two older boys received a slurry tanker each to attach to their ride on tractors and Seth received his very own ride on tractor and trailer.  On the Friday the dogs also moved over to their new kennels.  I cleaned the car and reseeded the grass.  For lunch we all enjoyed homemade waffles by Gavin and then went on a walk to pick daffodils (a tradition Gavin did as a child and still does every year now)!  

On the Saturday, I helped the boys decorate their Easter baskets and then we did an Easter egg hunt around the garden.  The boys loved looking for the eggs and as a prize at the end they got an Easter egg each.  In the afternoon we painted some hard boiled eggs ready for the Sunday’s activity and I had purchased a sensory play kit (Easter themed for the boys to explore).

On Easter Sunday itself, I started the morning with watching the church service conducted by our local vicar, for that week, as it was virtually done through Facebook live.  We’d also received some activities from the church around the Easter theme which the boys helped me with too.  After getting ready for the day and having breakfast we then had an egg and spoon race outside where Gavin and I became very competitive about! For the rest of the afternoon we set on with planting items in our vegetable patch (like potatoes) which we then had a hard frost and snow that night, typical!  We ended the day having a picnic on the floor in our living room.

Finally on the bank holiday Monday we made hot cross buns and enjoyed a roast dinner of lamb.  Other than that we just pottered around the house, tillaging the grass, changing the wardrobes from winter to summer clothes and I did the food shop too. 

Overall I’m really happy how much the current isolation is making us spend time together.  Easter certainly is one of my favourite holidays.  

Much love


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