Fathers Day 2021

Fathers Day is usually a normal day for us.  I put a last minute present together for Gavin of chocolates from the boys with a funny anecdote using the different chocolate names.  But other than that we didn’t do much to celebrate. 

Both of the older boys had made Father’s Day cards at preschool and were very proud when they gave them to Gavin.  I really should put some more effort into making it a special day for Gavin.  Either going out for a meal, taking the boys out on an adventure somewhere or even just cooking a Sunday dinner at home.  

Back when I was a child, Father’s Day wasn’t such a big thing and I don’t remember ever doing anything for it.  I feel like it’s a new ‘day’ that has only recently come about but most definitely needs to be recognised and appreciated.  Just as much as Mother’s Day.  Both parents have their own important roles in a child’s life and development. As both parents have such different qualities and characteristics, it is the mix of the two that completes parenthood.  Many years of research have proven that the more involved parents are, the more successful their children will be. A father’s influence can impact a child’s social experiences, academic success, and future achievements. Fathers help with communication, play, and discipline with regards to their children while also instilling confidence and self-esteem as their children prepare for adult life.

Although we should appreciate the fathers in our lives every day, celebrating Father’s Day is a great way to go above and beyond to recognise dads for being present and for taking an active role in their child’s development.

Much love 


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