Morning Routines

You’d think one hour would be enough, but according to my children, no amount of time would make our mornings at home any less hectic.  Just like me, children need routines too so everyone knows what their doing and when.  Consistency is key!  Some people use visual reminders to check off tasks, this can help to learn discipline and to use their own initiative while making the mornings fun.  I found doing everything the night before or at least as much as possible helps to stop feeling so overwhelmed.  

Currently for us each day is a little different, but the morning routine stays the same to try and keep that continuity for each of my boys.  Because we’ve had the routine in place since each of them have been born, it’s somewhat easier to make small changes now and again when needed.  I find pre-telling the boys if something is going to be changed helps the transition go smoothly when deviating from the ordinary.   

6am – Hamish wakes up and usually wakes Seth up too. They come up to my bedroom (Gavin is at work) and I let them watch videos whilst I snooze (not much snoozing happens as I get whacked on the head with the phone each time Hamish presses a button and something goes wrong)!

6.45am – Tobias joins us 

7am – we all get up, I get dressed and tidy my bedroom.  We then head down to Seths room, get him dressed and tidy his room.  Then I finish off getting ready in the bathroom, whilst all the boys read books and play.  Finally we go to Tobias and Hamish’s room to get their room tidy and get them both dressed.  

7.45am – we head downstairs and I tidy the living room ready for morning, whilst the boys play with their toys.  Tobias helps me feed the chickens and collect the eggs and I also put a load of laundry on. 

8am – is breakfast time for the boys, once their sitting down and are happy I will then tidy the kitchen and make myself a coffee.

From here depending on which day it is, I could start cleaning the house, running errands, heading out on an adventure or dropping the boys off at preschool.  Come September 2021, when Tobias starts school, things are about to get a lot busier for us all and the timings will definitely need to be changed.  Wish me luck!

Much love


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