Interviewing A Grandparent

This weeks blog, I thought I would question my mother, on being a grandparent and all things connected.  So here goes, see what answers she gave for each:

How has becoming a grandparent changed your outlook on life?

I have more patience in general, especially when other toddlers and young children come into my workplace.  I certainly have more patience now with my grandchildren, then with my own children!

Would you admit to any mistakes/failures as a grandparent?

Breaking them in some way or when they hurt themselves, accidents do happen but it breaks my heart at the same and I feel really bad! 

Would you admit to any mistakes/failures as a parent that you didn’t realise until becoming a grandparent?

It’s patience again for me, I wish I’d have listened to my own mother in that respect and chilled out a bit.  

What didn’t you have as a child that kids today do have?

Technology of today is something that just didn’t exist in my day.  We didn’t have anything electronic!  TVs had only just been released in colour, it’s a need now to have the most up to date gadgets.

Which family member has been your greatest coach in life? 

My mum, she’s taught me everything I needed to know and given me the tools to succeed in life.

What do you enjoy most about being a grandparent? 

So much!  The ages they are at the moment are great and the smiles are perfect.  You don’t appreciate it as much when they’re your own and with you 24/7.  The cuddles are pretty good too.  

What do you least like about being a grandparent?

When I see them being told off. 

Do you think today’s grandparents have things harder or easier than in the past? 

There was a lot more responsibility in past generations where grandparents had to teach and look after the children with the parents.  I guess it’s easier in some ways as it’s all about learning through play now. 

What are the happiest moments in your life so far?

1. Having my own children

2. The lead up and wedding day of my daughter 

3. Holidays away with my late partner

4. Watching my own grandchildren being brought into the world

5. The holidays we used to go on when I was a child

Is there something that you wish you had experienced that you haven’t yet?

My son getting married.  I’d also like to see what each of the grandchildren become in life, the teenage years are going to be interesting though.  I’m REALLY excited about retiring! 

What world events have had the most impact on you?

COVID most definitely, as we’ve been locked away from everyone else, not knowing what’s going on apart from relying on social media and the news.  It’s meant I’ve not seen  my family and have often felt very isolated living on my own.  

How would you like to be remembered?

I want to be remembered for being a great laugh, who was approachable and always there to help.  

If you could have one wish for your grand children what would it be?

To not be rude!  I hate rude children, even in this day and age, manners are everything and its all of our responsibilities to teach the next generation this. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post.  I wanted to switch it up from my normal style of blog writing, so let me know your thoughts.  

Much love


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