Hamishs Third Birthday

This year took a lot more planning then previous years!  I think the older they get, the more I struggle with presents and what’s ‘in’ right now!  I’d organised a cake from our local cafe again and it was scrumptious as always. I did most of the present shopping at Smyths Toy store this time which saved us money in the long run as his main large present was the expense and everything else were just little bits for him to have something to open.  I bought the balloons in the village shop, but we did run out of helium!

On the Friday before his actual birthday, we went out for the day as a family.  So I thought I would share our day with you: 

05.00: Gavin got up to do the morning jobs on the farm.

07.00: all the boys woke me up and came up to my bedroom for cuddles.

07.30: I got us all dressed and ready for the day.  Packing their bags for when we were out and a few snack bits.  We headed downstairs to play whilst we waited for Gavin to come in.

08.30: Is the usual time we have breakfast and Gavin joined us as he had finished on the farm.

09.00:  Gavin went to get showered and changed whilst the boys played with their toys.

10.30: We set off for York and Seth fell asleep on the journey.

12.00: we arrived at the trampoline park and enjoyed 2 hours of jumping around and playing different games.  We were lucky that there was plenty of space as there was only us and another family. It took Hamish a while to brave up and stand on them but once he did, he had a smile from ear to ear.  We did have to stop half way as all the bouncing was tiring and we needed a drinks break! 

14.00: We had a late lunch at TacoBell, my new favourite fast food place! 

16.00: I’ve never laughed so much playing a game of crazy golf with the boys, whilst watching Gavin absolutely lost his mind.  It was so funny watching him get angry that the preschoolers wouldn’t play the game properly!

17.00: all the boys fell asleep on the car journey home, because of the time, we came home straight away and let the boys play whilst we waited for Gavins parents to get in so we could enjoy a Chinese takeaway with them.

20.00: I went out for the night to enjoy drinks at a friends house, whilst Gavin put the boys to bed. 

22.30: We went to bed, which is Gavin and I’s normal time.

We waited till the next day, Hamish’s actual birthday, to open presents and enjoy the cake.  Hamish had a fab birthday and they’ve not stopped playing in the 10ft trampoline we got for Hamish’s main present at home! 

Much love


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