Review of Bamboobamboo Products

Bamboobamboo are all natural products, made from Bamboo and food-grade silicone that protect your child from BPA and other toxins. With a powerful suction base that grips the table, it eliminates a lot of mess created by your little ones.   Our home loves these stylish bowls, plates and cutlery! I personally love how beautiful the simple design is, its durability, eco friendly and most importantly, easy to clean.

I would highly recommend this product as it is good quality and not easily damaged or broken. It’s well designed and stops bowls being thrown on the floor. Also because it is lightweight, fashionable and does everything it should! The spoons are soft and flexible, so won’t damage a new baby’s delicate mouth. It is also so nice that the silicone comes in different colours so you can personalise to each of your children. Beware, the suction pads don’t attach to every surface though!

The bowl itself, is a very good size and reasonably deep making spillages less likely, but it also means therefore can be used for years to come and when my little ones require larger portions.  The cost was always a worry to me.  I think it was more so due to having to buy a set for each of my three boys in the first instance.  But looking back I’m glad I made the decision as they’re super hard wearing and I’ve no need for any other pieces in my house now.  At first, I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to wash or if it would discolour easily, however it washes really well and no marks that have been left as yet.  

The only issue we had was the width of the spoon for a weaning baby.  I found it too wide but Seth soon grew used to it and was able to fit the spoon in easily.  Also with regards to the spoon, my sons have all managed to pull the silicone part, of the spoon off, I understand this feature is for ease of cleaning.

My other concerns were around its use, for instance not being microwaveable or dishwasher safe.  But actually because I’m cooking for three children most things I cook in the microwave I then distribute between the plates so it didn’t make that much difference to me.  As for hand washing I have other items that need to be done daily so this wasn’t noticeable either.  

Much love


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