Pregnancy Announcement

After waiting a little longer this time we can confirm we are pregnant again with number four, (well I’m pregnant and Gavin is coming along for the ride too).

This time was a little bit different I found out six days after conception in June 2021 and decided to keep it a secret from Gavin for as long as I possibly could with the aim of getting to the 12 week scan. We fell pregnant in the first month of trying which I wasn’t expecting as I thought this time would take a little longer than previously. I continued to film snippets of each week on how I was feeling, including pictures to be able to share with Gavin when the time came. I achieved what I set out to do, and was able to surprise Gavin with our fabulous news.

In the first six weeks I had no symptoms of being pregnant but the sickness soon started, together with the intense fatigue I experienced with all my pregnancies. I have been suffering since then and even at 17 weeks pregnant (when this was written) still am tired constantly, suffering badly with acne, Elevated amounts of going for a wee, daily headaches and the sickness creeps up every morning when brushing my teeth. This time however I wouldn’t say I’ve suffered with mood swings as much, but I do wonder if all of my symptoms have been heightened due to trying to hide them from Gavin.

I was booked in with the midwife at nine weeks pregnant. I had to convince Gavin that I had a urine infection for the lead up to this midwife appointment so he thought it was just a routine check up with my GP that I was going for. The midwife took my bloods, weight and height, went through all of my pregnancy histories, and both Gavin and my family histories too.

On the day of the 12 week scan I told Gavin we had a dentist appointment I drove to the dentist and parked in the car park I pulled my laptop out and told Gavin he had a safety video to watch before we could enter the premises. He wasn’t too impressed but his face soon changed when he realised the video was of me announcing our pregnancy. It wasn’t until the end of the video that Gavin realised that it was that day we were heading for the scan. He managed to keep the tears back and I drove onto the hospital where we went for a scan and met baby number four. The baby performed impeccably and stayed still the whole scan so the sonographer was able to take all the measurements in less than 10 minutes. I also had some bloods taken for the down syndrome tests which have since come back all very low chance. The due date was confirmed as 6th March 2022, meaning I was twelve weeks plus 3 days pregnant (3 extra days more than I thought).

My mum had already worked out at 11 weeks that I was pregnant she said I had ‘the pregnancy wobble’ so she was relieved to find out the baby had a heartbeat and I was okay. Gavin and I decided that as it was three days before his sisters wedding we didn’t want to try and steal any of her thunder and wanted her to enjoy her special day so we decided to keep it a secret from Gavin side of the family until we could find out the gender and do a gender reveal further down the line. When I got home I booked the gender scan for 17 weeks pregnant with a private clinic and Gavin arranged for some clay pigeons to be coated in the colours pink and blue ready to reveal the gender when the time came. We’ve never found out the gender before so this was a whole new experience for us and I will do a separate blog post around this.

I’ve since met with the specialist regarding my third degree tear following my first labour and the high percentage of blood loss after my third pregnancy. But much to my joy the plan of action for number four is to stay the same I’ll be brought on earlier than my due date with stretch and sweeps and I will be highly monitored during the labour and aid will be offered to birth the head. Hopefully all goes well and I am able to have a fourth natural birth.

I now need to buy a memory book so I can jot down all the key dates and keep all the memories of our growing bean #4. (Boy just purchased at 30 weeks pregnant) I can’t wait to share my journey with you all.

Much love Rebecca

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