Summer Holiday Planning

Now Tobias is in school we have to comply with term times and try to fit in holidays in the breaks. It’s proving to be costly, hard to book and a lot of pre-planning is having to take place.

What we would spend on a week at Center Parcs has doubled and we are changing location this time as well. We’ve secured a booking for the six weeks holiday in August 2022 but I was hoping to get away for something shorter maybe like a long weekend before then. We shall just have to see how things pan out and if we can find time away from the farm.

I was hoping to get away this August (2021) before Tobias started school however staycations proved to be super busy and everywhere was fully booked, we were looking close and far away in the UK but couldn’t find anywhere. I’m guessing this is down to Covid and many other families not wanting to travel abroad at this time.

But what I’m soon coming round to realising not only have I booked Centre Parks as a place to stay we are going to have to book places to eat, activities to do and any other little extras that we would like to add, sooner than later, as they are booking up already a year in advance which is insane to me!

We were wanting to go away to Center Parcs for a week, in fact the last week of February, which would’ve been the week off school as for some reason it isn’t half term for the rest of the country. It would’ve worked out cheaper, however with baby number four due a week later we didn’t see it as a viable option which I’m gutted about. But these are the things that we are going to have to get used to and try and work around going forward now all of our children are starting to be school aged.

I will have to start thinking outside of the box, it might mean that we don’t physically go away but we go on more activities through the weeks when the boys aren’t at school. I’m certainly in no hurry to get on a plane with 3 or 4 children for any length of time at their current ages. Saying that I do have a list, I guess you could call it a bucket list, of places that I would love to visit in the UK and some little islands off the UK too, which will keep us busy. For example Fort William in Scotland or the Isle of Man (not during the TT races)!

So that’s the current plan for 2022, things may change and we’ll just go with the flow if they do!

Much love Rebecca

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