Starting School

Apparently I’m the kind of parent who gets upset about their child starting primary school. Nothing unusual about that, you might say, however I thought I was super excited about this new adventure, until the day itself came. In the past I’ve seen all those little new starters wearing a uniform, shoes polished and hair brushed neatly, getting excited that one day it would be us too. When I thought about parenthood before having my own children this is what I thought it would be – the drop offs, PTFA, having their friends over etc. Ive always been excited for the next milestone of my children’s life, I didn’t think i was the kind of parent who didn’t want their child to grow up. Its amazing to watch them learn and develop. But apparently, I’m the kind of parent who is upset about her child starting school!

So on the actual first day of school, I cried. I aren’t an emotional person in the slightest! It sounded home to me that Tobias wasn’t my baby anymore and from here on out as he becomes more independent, it means he doesn’t need me quite as much. To me, that’s devastating, I don’t think he’ll ever know how much I needed him! Don’t get me wrong the summer holidays have been very challenging at times and Tobias was very much ready for school and his new challenge, but I’ll miss him and subsequently his siblings when it comes to their time too. 

Whilst he is at school, I worry that I won’t be there to protect and keep him safe. I will not be there when he hurts himself or feels sad. I will not be there to tell him its all ok. Their happiness at the school you choose is the most important thing. At the same time, every parent of course wants their child to do well, to succeed, so that later on in life they have the ability to choose what they want to do. Thankfully, Tobias is super confident, which makes me so proud and happy, he’ll fit in anywhere and make friends easily. Hopefully he will make lifelong friends and I can’t wait to hear everything that he gets up to.

With Tobias starting school it has made me look back on the time we’ve had together. We have done so much together and had so much family time together, yet I feel guilty for all the times that I was too busy to play. Time really is short and so limited.

During the first few weeks of school, Tobias was scared at drop offs, not wanting to play in the playground before the bell rang, I saw a different side to him. All I wanted to do was cuddle him and keep him close. But I knew it was better for him for me to be out the way, to learn and grow. I spoke with the other new-starters parents and found a way of ‘enticing’ him into the playground with a small toy to encourage him to play. It worked and since then it’s been plain sailing for us all. He’s doing so well in this new environment and is learning at an impressive rate!

If this is something that you are currently going through with your little one, or something similar. Or if you have been through this before, please share how you are finding it and any tips for parents to make it easier for your child, please comment below!

Much love Rebecca

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