Our Current Bath Time Routine

Bath time has always been an event in our household. Tobias has always been a true water baby from birth, hamish cry’s at the mention of a bath and Seth doesn’t know how to sit down when I n the bath so causes me many a heart attack! When each of them have been newborns, their first few baths were separately to the rest of the tribe, quiet and relaxing and then slowly introduced to the main bath tub with the rest of the clan once they become true sitters and can go in the bath swivel chair.

After they’ve turned a year they then don’t require anything but the anti-slip mat in the bottom of the bath. Oh and the bath toys! I’ve always included toys, bath books for newborns, boats, ducks and pouring cups, which have helped with each of their developments!

Bath time comes with a lot of prep beforehand as we only have a shower room in our home. We use Gavin’s parents spare bathroom. I have a box of bath items through there, which includes all the toys, flannels and towels, bath wash and shampoo, a comb and nail cutters.. raining all I have to take with me is nappies, wipes, creams (if required) and pyjamas. I have been known on occasion to get the glow sticks out and give them a bath in the dark which is great for sensory play, hamish is a little sceptical of bubble baths so I save bath bombs for special occasions.

I usually have started bath time before Gavin gets in from night jobs on the farm. The boys have a bath every other day unless they’re really messy or have had an illness. I still use the bath thermometer as I don’t trust myself – I’ll probably be making use of it well into their teens! But bath time always falls at the end of the day, one of the last jobs before bedtime routine.

We start by running the bath and Seth helps to throw all the toys in. Tobias and hamish are undressing themselves at this point, whilst we wait and I will then help Seth take his clothes off. This is also the time I check their finger and toe nails and cut any sharp ones. Once the bath is ready, in they all go and start to play straight away. I wash their faces in turn with a flannel then move onto washing their bodies with Aveeno body wash (it’s the best range for Tobias’ sensitive skin x especially in winter). I finish with washing their hair, they all hate this process as I can’t seem to manage to keep the water from going in his eyes! I use a trusted signal (“Tobias, ready, go”) for when the water is coming so they are prepared and the reaction ranges from, gliding breath to scream crying!

Once that’s all done, out they come, one by one and i wrap a warm towel around each of them, after lots of cuddles whilst they’re drying off, I will brush their hair, then it’s time for getting dressed into their pyjamas and fresh nappies for the younger two. We then rush off to start the bedtime routine, which consists of a book, a bottle of milk/juice and then bed!

Much love Rebecca

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