My First Aid Kit

I don’t overly keep a lot of different items in my first aid kit, but I make sure I have the essentials. I like to be prepared, but you never know what you’ll fully need so instead of been excessive I try to just keep the staple items in my kit.

I am not a doctor or health expert of any kind and I am just saying what I have in my first aid kit. Most things are non-prescription and I have specifically left off the specific prescription meds as it isn’t relevant to everyone. What I will say is that you must always read the labels and consult doctors before you or any member of your family take anything at all. So that’s the disclaimer out of the way, here goes with what I include:

• Pain killers: Paracetamol for the adults

• Calpol for children

• Neurofen for children

• You will also need a measuring spoon or syringe

• Teething gel and powder

• Thermometer. We use a forehead/ ear scan thermometer from Tommee Tippee

• Anti allergy tablets for adults

• Nappy cream

• Insect repellant

• After sun

• Savlon

• Cold and cough medicine for adults and for kids

• vapour rub

• Olbas oil

• Gaviscon/Rennie

• Plasters

• Assorted bandages with tape

• Bump soother pad

• Ice/gel pack

• Saline solution/ eye bath

• Antiseptic wipes

• Gloves

• Hand sanitiser

I haven’t included sun cream as I don’t count it as part of my first aid kit and I buy a new one every year, but i do keep it in the ‘pharmacy’ cupboard. The starter kit came from Boots when I was expecting Tobias (my first child) and I’ve kept it topped up ever since. The children’s first aid kit contains all the first aid supplies you many need to treat bumps, cuts, grazes, and bleeding. The bag has inner pockets so there’s lots of space for other important items you may want to add. The most important item in my first-aid kit may actually be the name and number for our family doctor.

I hope this helps you keep prepared for every eventuality. Remember to keep your kit in a locked cupboard, out of the reach of your children.

Much love Rebecca

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