House Updates 2021

Over the last few years I’ve shared our house plan for the next year, its a list of jobs that need to be completed around the house. I tend to set my expectations very high and never complete the list but here’s an update for each room in and around our home.

The kitchen – the beams, the ceiling and the whole kitchen still need to be painted.

The main bedroom (Our bedroom) – i’m still to purchase a matching dressing table and chair and some seating for the end of our bed. However with baby number 4 pending this isn’t going to happen in the next year as I need the extra space for baby items and the toy storage for all the children too. I eventually want to change the radiator in our room to make it warmer up there and a new carpet, it that is WAY into the future.

Hallway & staircases – due to coronavirus the plasterer is still delayed. So the second staircase needs to be made to match the first, by being plastered and painted. In fact again, the whole area could do with a freshen up of paint. The stair case at the bottom of the first set of steps still squeaks and seems to go down when you step on a certain part so this needs solving – a job for Gavin. The wood beam on the second floor needs treating. I’ve got a-lot of family pictures framed and ready to hang once the walls are completed. Again in the future I would love to add a radiator or more than one in this area to warm up the whole house and a new carpet would finish this area off, however I don’t plan on doing this until the children are a lot older. I’m still debating if the windows need blinds on them, probably an internal battle I will have myself for some time!

Tobias & Hamish’s now share a bedroom, I already had a chair and footstool which is now situated in their room together with a proper bookcase to. Are a reading nook. They do need some curtains in that room that match with the colour theme. This room and the nursery could both really do with new carpets but I’m in no rush.

The garden was our main project this year. We focussed on the vegetable patch and the herbs garden area. We were really happy with the results. Here’s the jobs that are left to do outside:

Door for utility needs fixing

Convert coal house into a shed for garden equipment

Remove freezers and rebuild play area for children

Reskim and relevel patio

Lighting around seating area

Fire pit

Make a Chicken pen


Hide gas cylinder

Reconcrete car park area

Lavender planters in front of kitchen window

Living Room – we are looking to take Take out the current fireplace and redo with a log burner. We need to finish the wooden floor and add skirting. After all these works the room will need plastering and a freshen up of paint. Our sofa is nearly on the floor so we are looking to purchase two new settees and ottomans too this year, having matching furniture would be advantageous too. Finally, the radiator in this room is huge for the size of room so we would love to change that but this is along way down the road!

So overall, there’s bits we can get on with in 2022 but I aren’t rushing at all as we will have a newborn about the house and he will take a lot of my time up.

Much love Rebecca

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