November 2021 Events

Halloween 2021 for us was a non-event, it always has been (as we live out, in the sticks). So instead I made some goody bags for the boys. I also did a special tea on the night. Next year I would like to plan some actual activities for the lead up to Halloween itself. Our local pumpkin farm had sold out before we were able to head down to pick our own this year, thankfully our next doo4 neighbour (another farmer) was super generous and brought some for us to carve!

We tend to have a bonfire night at home, instead we went to an event in our local village. This year the organised event went ahead and had a bonfire with a fireworks display as well. Unfortunately the queue for food was super long and we weren’t able to enjoy the atmosphere so much because as soon as the fireworks had happened (whilst we were in the queue) the event was over ! I think next year we would prefer to fo something at home and where all the children can feel relaxed. Because of the boys ages it isn’t going to last long and they will only stay so long in the cold anyways! Next year I plan on making a guy fawkes scarecrow to go on top of our bonfire and I also plan on doing some food too, like bonfire toffee, marshmallow s’mores and jacket potatoes for us all to enjoy around the fire or maybe even from inside the house but able to watch the bonfire! I also plan on doing more play activities around this subject (especially on the lead up to the actual day) to encourage the boys knowledge of the history in this area.

Tobias’ birthday was much the same, now he is at school we have to wait for the weekends to celebrate properly. For his actual birthday we had a special breakfast for him and then off to school he went. Through the day I set up the noise with balloons, picked up the cake and got his presents together. As soon as he got home he opened his presents, we then went out for a walk around the farm and then had a takeaway for tea. We ended by enjoying his beautiful birthday cake with his grandparents. All in all we had a fabulous day. We had planned to go out for a walk on the weekend and get ice cream at brymour, however the electric to the whole area went off and we were without power for two weeks! So that got pushed back and we plan on doing it in the summer sometime.

Making memories for the boys is one of my most important roles as a parent, or at least that’s how I feel! So that means plenty of family time, in my eyes!

Much love Rebecca

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