Positives to Farming Life

Although the farm life is intense and tiring, it is very useful, most of the food we love is produced by farmers in the countryside. So here’s some other benefits of farm life:

Fresh Air

Most farmers live in the countryside with plenty of fresh air. When I’ve been asked to blow into a tube for my midwife appointments my CO2 reading is always 0! In the farm life you will find beautiful scenery in the outdoors.

No Dress Code

Well kinda! You have to wear wellies, they’re a must and when it’s winter/ cold extra layers and a big jacket are needed! But there are no restrictions on uniforms or special dress codes in agriculture. You do not have to enslave yourself to a suit. The farmer does not have to think of clothes as fashion!


As a farmhouse resident, you do not have to worry about waking up early enough to fight the traffic. The only problems you may come across is if the animals have escaped!

It’s a Family Business

Unlike other forms of employment, this is most certainly a way of life. Definitely not a 9am to 5pm job! For this reason, your colleagues are people you trust and who have the same goal as you—to succeed in the family business. Agriculture gives you the opportunity to teach the next generation and inspire them. A farmers core value is family and friends. Building close ties and extending a helping hand to a farmer who needs it, will go down wonders for years to come. The preservation of links ensures that farmers share the latest agricultural techniques too.


Many activities require the attention of a farmer. There’s always something to do and Gavin will often admit, it’s like your a fire fighter trying to move forwards in the farming game. At the end of the day, the farmer is always tired.

Gain Skills

A farmer has to be a man of all trades. A few years in agriculture gives you many skills. A farmer wears many hats, firstly a business entrepreneur but many other things too, like an administrator or a repair man, mainly a driver (in tractors) and sometimes even a midwife! Farmers are always eager to acquire new skills and technologies related to agriculture.

Job security

There is always a demand for farm or animal products. Raw materials from the farm are needed to make fabrics for clothes. Agriculture is a relatively safe form of employment, although the forces of supply, demand & weather will impose prices on products.

Employment can be created for others

It is not so easy to operate a large farm. Sometimes you need external assistance in the management of your farm (during the harvest season, for example). By creating job opportunities, you make a positive contribution to another’s life, and therefore create a close relationship.

Much love Rebecca

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