Play Activities Update

Sine the lockdowns have finished I gradually changed from doing toy rotation on a weekly basis to a monthly basis. To now, only changing occasionally, I get overwhelmed by all the boxes in storage and have to build myself up to go in them! It was hands down the best improvement I made with concerns to the children’s way of playing! Before I put toy rotation in place, the boys had full access to all they’re toys and ended up not playing with anything as they had too much choice. The days always seemed to run a lot smoother.

Between Christmas and new year, I got my planner out (it’s computerised) and jotted down all the important dates for the next year (birthdays, events and bank holidays etc) I then planned out my blog posts for the year. Finally I planned what themes I would include for the boys play. Setting a theme means I have something to focus on and I tend to not keep reaching for the same toys each rotation. I’ve planned for the year but not set anything in stone like dates. Because Tobias is now at school and banish is out 3 times a week too at preschool, I’ve focused on themes for Seth.

I also found by doing themed toys I was able to see where I was missing certain toy types and I could purchase things to fit that week, especially for Christmas and birthdays. So it was a great benefit, overall to have toy rotation in place!

Here’s the planned themes/planned activities I have in place currently for this year:

• Music

• Polar animals

• Weather

• Burns night themed activity

• Recycling and caring for the world

• Construction with a car wash

• Chinese New Year themed activity

• Pancake themed activity

• Valentines themed activity

• Seaside

• Mother’s Day themed activity

• St Patrick’s day themed activity

• Ocean animals

• April fools days themed activity

• Birds

• Flowers

• Planets and Earth

• Queens birthday themed activity

• Dessert animals

• Water

• Shapes

• Rogation Sunday themed activity

• Fruit and vegetables

• Alphabet/phonics/letters

• Nocturnal animals

• Numbers

• Trooping the colour themed activity

• Father’s Day themed activity

• Seasons

• Farm animals

• Battles – I was thinking knights?!?!?

• Transport

• People who help us

• Light and shadow

• Feelings/emotions

• Butterflies

• Earth day

• St George’s day

• Birthdays

• Bonfire/guy fawkes

• Mini beasts/insects

• Body parts & me

• Space

• Trees & leaves

• Xmas

• New year

• Tractors

• Colours

• Easter

I hope this helps you put some themes into place. One bit of advice I would definitely give is, if you are wondering if toy rotation will work for you and weather you should make the change – just do it!

Much love Rebecca

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