Children’s Food Inspiration

If you need some inspiration to help you cook healthy and tasty food for your kids, try these meal ideas. They aren’t suitable as first foods, but fine once your baby is used to eating a wide range of solid foods. Finger foods is still part of all my children’s diets to offer a varied way of eating.

Healthy snacks

vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, cucumber sticks

fruit, such as apple, banana, pear, peach



rice cakes

Soreen loaf

Cheese strings

Breakfast ideas


lower-sugar cereal mixed with whole milk and topped with fruit


unsweetened yoghurt

toast fingers with mashed banana and smooth peanut butter

Eggs and toast

Hard boiled eggs

toast with scrambled egg and tomato

All lunchbox recipes

Cheesy coleslaw with wholemeal pitta

hummus with pitta bread and vegetable sticks

Egg mayonnaise bap

Salmon bagel

Soft cheese sandwich

chicken and salad wrap

Tuna salad

Tuna mayonnaise and sweetcorn sandwich

cauliflower cheese

baked beans with toast

scrambled egg with toast

All dinner recipes

Bang-tasty chicken drumsticks

Chicken korma curry with rice

pizza calzone

grilled fish

vegetable parcels

Chicken jalfrezi with Nan bread

Mini beef burgers

Corn frizzlers

Veggie pizza

fish and chips


mac and cheese

cottage pie

shepherd’s pie with green vegetables

Meatballs and sauce

Mediterranean potato bake

Pasta bake

sausage and mash

Pasta carbonara



Stuffed Peppers

Roast dinner

Salmon with spring onion mash

savoury rice

Spaghetti bolognese

stew and dumplings


Tuna jacket potatoes





chicken & vegetable casserole

Much love Rebecca

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