Seths Birthday & Christening

After waiting for what feels like an eternity we have finally had Seth christened! Third time lucky, they say! The first time when we would normally do it (around 6 months old) we were in lockdown. The second time, around a month earlier Seth broke his leg (another post to follow soon)! But this time was the charm. We kept the numbers low for COVID reasons, so it was just family and the godparents invited.

I must say it felt very different during the planning stages this time round as we didn’t do anything like we did for Hamish and Tobias. In my opinion, christenings are an important event in a child’s life and of course to the parents and extended family, however I really, never want to christening a child of Seths age (nearly 2 at the time) again! A non mover is so much easier! All the boys wore matching blue shirts and brown chinos for the day, but most of the church photos, Seth was wearing a coat, silly me forgot to take it off but my hands were pretty full at the time!

As always we stuck with the tradition of three Godparents. Gavin and I were honoured that three of our friends agreed to be the god parents for Seth, two males and a female (as is tradition too). Seth was christened in our local church. The same church where we got married, Tobias & Hamish were christened and where Gavin was christened (all those years ago)! To top it off we have been super lucky to have the same vicar for each of our special events too (we’ve told him he can’t retire just yet either)! The church ceremony was part of the service, meaning as well as our guests there was the usual church congregation there too. We went to the font where Seths hair was trickled with water and as expected he wasn’t happy about it!

After the christening we went to a local pub for Sunday lunch and plenty of drink. Gavin didn’t do a speech this time but he helped to cut the cake (Reminiscing cutting our wedding cake)! I have forgotten to do something that I need to fix. We usually give everyone a small piece of card to sign or write a small note on, so that we can make a picture collage from them later. I’m on with this as we speak!

We kept the decorations minimal with just some balloons to match the abstract cake that I had made for 20 people (there was about half left)!

Mum and I love arranging events, that’s for sure and I’ve really missed putting more effort in this time! But due to circumstances, I think we achieved a low key, casual day.

I wanted to share some of the most treasured moments from the day with you and also take this opportunity to thank my wonderful family for all they did to help us make it a wonderful day for Seth. We took this gathering as the main celebration for Seths birthday too (his second birthday) which was the following Friday.

For Seths actual birthday we opened presents and let him have some more cake and more balloons were blown up and then we waited for the weekend to go for a family swim at the local pool.

Much love Rebecca

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