February Half Term School Holidays

The other day, whilst reading an article about the positives of learning during the school holidays, I found myself reflecting on what I used to do pre the school days with three at home all the time. I, myself, have absolutely no memory of doing any school work during the holidays when I was a child but thinking about it children are always learning during play.

For many, time off from school means relaxing, having fun, seeing family and friends and maybe a bit of homework. The February half term also means that evenings are getting a little bit lighter which, for us, means more adventures around the farm (hopefully).

The last half term we had nothing planned and it ended up with us spending every minute of every day in the house and getting pretty bored! So I put a plan in place for this school holiday, in the hopes it keeps the boys entertained for a little while at least. My main problem is being heavily pregnant during this time and it’s proving to be hard walking and just ‘doing’ activities. So here are our plans for the next week and a half, weather permitting and I guess depending on me too:

Saturday – soft play

Sunday – Sunday lunch at local pub

Monday – walk around crocodile rock and Seths swimming lesson

Tuesday – park visit and Tobias’ swimming lesson

Wednesday – vet visit on farm and haircuts for Gavin & Tobias

Thursday – auction day with Daddy

Friday – grandma day, Hamish’s speech class and Seth & Hamish haircuts

Saturday – get car washed and DIY day at home

Sunday – family swimming session at local pool

Monday – midwife visit booked for me and Nana day for boys

Tuesday – pancake day, home day & Tobias’ swimming lesson

I hope this gives you some inspiration too for your half term antics. I haven’t booked anything special or trips out as I just don’t know about baby number 4 coming along.

Much love Rebecca

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  1. When I taught Pre-K and K, I sent home a blank book, with the cover and one page done, called How I Help at Home. I told the parents, no problem if you are on a trip or just can’t do any work in it, we can finish it at school. Everyone in the class read their book to the whole class when he or she was done. Most children were very pleased to think of things they could do to help; clean and tear the salad, peel the carrots, clean up their room, and etc. I used to put my 2 boys in their swim trunks in the bathtub and they scrubbed the tiles with a mixture of warm water and a squirt of dish soap. Sparkling, after! Good luck!

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