Swimming Lessons 2022

Swimming has always been an activity that I have done with my children from an early age. It is something we all love and I’ve always thought it is very important to teach them about water safety from the word go. Tobias has always adored swimming, over confident if anything. Harsh is he complete opposite and has a melt down at the word but within half an hour can put his toes in the water. Seth sits somewhere in the middle of these extremes, he loves water with me but gets upset if his dad takes him.

Tobias will confidently jump in if he knows someone will catch him, whilst Seth will jump in unawares of the dangers of no one catching him then gets caught out, which is why it’s vital to instil ‘pool rules’.

Since lockdowns, Tobias and Seth have started lessons with a new group and it’s fab to see how they’re getting on. Tobias goes in the water (shallow end) independently and watching him going under the water and how it doesn’t faze him is great to see, he truly enjoys every single lesson. Seth too is showing great improvements in the water, I do go in with him and it’s our special time through the week. However Hamish is a different person, lockdowns have hit him in social environments and I think we will have to wait until he gets to the age of being able to go in the water independently before he can restart any lessons.

All of the lessons take the same approach, fun and playful is at the heart of the learning. Each child is spoken to directly, and it always impresses me when the teacher can remember everyone’s names. You can tell the lessons are tailored to make every child feel confident and comfortable whilst in the water.

Using tools like a woggle, balls, singing, floats and the use of toys helps them to aim for something and encourages them to reach out which develops to ‘swimming arms’, therefore helping to understand that they need to stretch their arms to get themselves somewhere. It’s seen as very important to learn how to enter and exit the pool safely too. The half-hour lessons fly bygone both Tobias and Seth.

Tobias is such an eager beaver when Tuesday afternoons come around, his excitement can be seen by everyone by the time his lesson actually comes around, he actually shakes with excitement before he gets in and he is even becoming a bit of a pain to get to leave the water too now (I’ve heard the teachers telling him off)!

I cannot recommend swimming lessons for all ages of children enough.

Much love Rebecca

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