Tractor Ted Book Review

In honour of world book day, I thought I would share Tobias’ (well all my boys) favourite book, well book collection! If you’ve yet to come across the Tractor Ted’s series of books then your kids have been missing out…well, the kids AND you!

To sit down quietly with a 5 year old, 3 year old and a 2 year old, who are all usually very busy is no mean feat! But a miracle occurs every time I pull one of these books out of the bookcase. They are always immediately engrossed, captivated and ready to learn! All the stories are based on a farm with farmer Tom, Midge the farm dog, a gorgeous little terrier and all of Tractor Ted’s other friends. Personally, I love the fact that both Midge and his owner, Farmer Tom, really ARE a genuine, real life, bonafide, farmer and his dog!  

The imagery is fabulous in all the books and any child, especially budding young farmers, would be enthralled & mesmerised by the detailed and ‘real life’ pictures all photographed within the heart of the countryside, on a farm in the West Country. It’s educational, engaging and entertaining and I have to admit, a really fun read for an adult too.

Tractor Ted is a tractor…obviously, but he’s a bright green, loveable, tractor and this I believe, goes a long way in helping children get in touch with caring for our

countryside, our animals and to understand at the very heart, of where some of our foods come from (our U.K farms)!

Tractor Ted stories are not only educational, they also bring REAL farm adventures to life and it’s easy to see why this little green tractor is already loved by millions of children. I can guarantee that reading any one of the Tractor Ted’s books will lead to the purchase of the whole series.

Much love Rebecca


  1. We loved these books when our two boys were little.
    Living on a farm the only issue was our tractors are red!!
    We still have the books I can’t part with them and our boys are now 20 and 17.
    Tobias T-shirt was fab!! Well done. X

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