Easter Ideas 2022

I love planning, you all know that! Tobias came home with a great list of Easter Activity ideas and it made me write our half term list of to do’s out too! Here’s a few we do every year, together with other ideas I’ve come across over the last few years.

1. Easter Egg Hunt – Out of all the Easter traditions, an egg hunt is always the most popular. Make it competitive by seeing who can find the most Easter eggs, with older children/ adults you could even put a timer on the game, and always have a prize (for everybody) at the end!

2. Paint Easter Eggs – Whether your going to use them for another activity or just as decoration, painting eggs is a craft anyone can get involved with!

3. Enjoy an Easter Breakfast – Start your day with an Easter inspired breakfast. Hot cross buns, eggs on toast, bunny themed pancakes, and of course a bit of chocolate egg.

4. Bake Hot Cross Buns – Hot cross buns are easy to do, you make the mixture the day before so they can prove over night and are perfect to bite into on Easter morning.

5. Plant Seeds – Easter is a great time to get your garden ready for the warmer weather ahead. Sunflowers are great to plant during April and the butterflies and bees will certainly appreciate it. The boys love to pick daffodils for the kitchen too.

6. Outdoor Games – we have an annual egg-and-spoon race with the eggs that we decorated, to create a fun-filled day.

7. Read A Story – Reading together is a great way to learn whilst having fun. Set aside some time in the day to read themed books to learn what Easter is all about.

8. Make Easter Cards – Celebrate Easter with all your friends and family by crafting some Easter cards and posting them out.

9. Have A Picnic – After being cooped up all winter, take in some spring air by having a picnic outside, we like to go on a walk to see the ducks down in our local village at the same time.

10 Make an Easter Basket – we decorate baskets to make them Easter themed for our egg hunt, I use the same baskets each year and use tissue paper and stickers as the decorations!

11. Decorate an Easter Tree – Similar to a Christmas tree, an Easter tree is decorated with all sorts of themed ornaments such as colourful hanging eggs and animals. You can also choose an Easter branch, which we got from our woods.

12. See Easter Bunny footprints – The Easter bunny can leave footprints behind just like Santa does on Christmas eve! Using a stencil and flour or something similar will add to the magic when children wake up on Easter.

13. Build a birdhouse – Birds start making their nests in spring so why not give them a helping hand by building or buying a birdhouse and placing it in your garden.

14. Visit a farm – Easter is the perfect time to visit a farm because you might get the chance to see all the baby spring animals.

15. Dress up – Easter is the perfect time to wear an easter bonnet all day long and we have been known to make ear bunnies from recycled cardboard (cornflakes boxes) in the past!

16. Make nests cakes – Melt 225g plain chocolate, 2tbs golden Syrup and 50g butter together. Add 75g of cornflakes and divide into 12 paper cases. Chill in the fridge for an hour and then decorate with chocolate eggs! This is an easy activity with young children and it doesn’t matter if they eat some during the process.

17. Have a movie marathon – Choose some of your favourite Easter movies and make a day of it with all the family. Don’t forget the treats!

18. Make fingerprint animals– Use your thumb print dipped in paint for the body of a bunny or chic, then once it’s dried, draw on the face. This is usually the tactic I take to make Easter cards!

19. Create an Easter play – Put on an Easter themed play or puppet show. You can also purchase or make sensory tables with an Easter theme for toddlers or using playdoh in Easter pastel colours.

20. Take a trip to a forest – Enjoy the new growth of spring on a family walk.

I hope this gives you some inspiration too, enjoy! I like to go to church on Easter Sunday just to remember what the day is actually all about, followed by meeting up with friends and enjoying a Lamb Sunday dinner together.

Much love Rebecca

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