March Events & Our Typical Week

Children make clock changes REALLY hard! Especially when the clock change happens on Mother’s Day! The spring clock change is meant to bless us with a brighter summer and lighter nights but what it actually does is completely screw up the sleeping patterns that you’ve spent ages trying to establish for all your children.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we had a normal day at home.  Gavin spoilt me with a breakfast (that I’d bought all the items myself for) and he also cooked a roast dinner for the whole family to enjoy.  I received a bunch of handpicked daffodils from my boys and lots of handmade cards.  For me Mother’s Day is about spending it with the people who made me a mother and enjoying the simple things in life.  It makes me feel very loved and really that’s what it’s all about!

My weeks have changed completely in the last six weeks with a newborn around, it’s currently the school holidays but I thought I would share a typical week (when it is normal school life) with you:

Mondays, Tobias and Hamish are at their schools for the day. So it is Seths day. Seth has his swimming class and we also venture to a local play group too. I also try to get a walk outside somewhere. Tobias usually has after school club on a Monday evening too.

Tuesday I have three of the boys at home with me whilst Tobias is at school. Im usually decluttering or cleaning on these days in between naps and snack times! Tobias has swimming after school too. It’s a bath night for two of the boys (I alternate who’s night it is now).

Wednesday is a school day for Tobias, Hamish and Seth so it’s a good day for me to meet friends. I try to go for a big walk with Jonas in the sling. Gavin is shortly going to be out on a night with the clay pigeon shooting league so it’ll be bath and bed time routine on my own with all 4.

Thursday is my mums day, so we go see her for the day whilst Tobias is at school. Sometimes we have a lot of jobs to do at her house, if not I’ll try to make her leave the home and go out somewhere, like to the park. Both Hamish and Seth have lunch at my mums house. So all I have to do on a Thursday is get them their teas when we get home, bath time and then ready for bed in time for dad coming in.

Friday is another day where Tobias, Hamish and Seth are at school all day. On these days I run errands, doing the food shop etc. with Jonas in tow. Before I know it, time flies by and it’s time to pick them all up again. When we get home, we have a bit of playtime together which is always fun! Dad comes in for his afternoon drink, then when he goes back out, the boys’ tea and bedtime routine starts.

Saturdays and Sunday’s are family days for us all. Gavin works in the afternoons so we try to venture out before lunch time or work outside in the garden. Before I know it the whole bedtime routine starts again!

Much love Rebecca

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