1 Month of Jonas

Wow! One month old already. Every Tuesday I remember and re-live the events that followed on the 8th March 2022. What I went through in the early hours of that day feel like they only happened yesterday yet Easter is nearly over and my 4th dude is growing so fast.

Even though I don’t seem to be able to get much done on a daily basis, looking back over the last month I do seem to have kept myself fairly busy.  I shall try to recollect all the things we have been up to in the last month.  With regards to reaching milestones, Jonas is able to lift his head and keep it steady for short periods of time, he jumps at loud noises and recognises certain people’s (his mummy’s especially) voices.  Jonas stares at peoples faces as long as they are in close range and is able to play games like copying people – for example sticking his tongue out and opening his mouth wide.  He really likes black and white objects or patterns and stares at the beams in our home all the time.  He definitely smiles and it brightens my day every time I see one!

Week One: the boys nicknamed him Joe Joe. This week has gone so smoothly, Jonas has pretty much slept the whole time, surfacing for a feed and then going back down for another long stretch of sleep! To be honest I didn’t do anything and we didn’t go anywhere, just sat at home learning Jonas’ cues. The midwife visited once and we had friends and family come over to visit, and that’s about it. It was found that Jonas had lost 6% of his body weight by day 5 and he also had the heel prick blood test done.

Week Two: This week we ventured out as a family of 6 to a very special diamond wedding anniversary. We also went to watch the local tractor run, go by! I’m trying to get back to as normal a routine as quickly as possible, for example with Tobias’ swimming classes (with 3 brothers in tow). We started getting ready for summer by cleaning the outside windows and cleaning the car & getting the window chip fixed. The midwifes discharged Jonas and we met with the Health Visitor too who confirmed Jonas is back to his birth weight. Gavin has been cooking up some hello fresh meals to make sure we are eating nutritious foods, without putting much thought into the weekly food shop run. Jonas’ belly button came off and his skin has started to peel. My piles were finally sorted out with a steroid cream, most importantly the sexy socks (to prevent blood clots) came off!

Week Three: our car went in to the garage this week to have a bush changed (the noise was scary when turning the wheels)! We started going on walk every day around the farm grounds, trying to slowly get back into fitness. The baby acne arrived and Jonas had his first bath, which he loved until it came to getting out and having to get dressed again! I’m suffering with migraines (which I’ve experienced in every post partrum) I think its my hormones readjusting. I’ve also started to get back into the swing of the old to-do lists and cleaning jobs around the house. We (well I – only one person was allowed in due to COVID) registered Jonas’ birth. Mother’s Day was a lazy day at home with Breakfast and Lunch served to me, I didn’t have to lift a finger!

Week Four: This Mumma is trying to brave up to take all the children out on her own, as she won’t have a choice next week as it’s the Easter half term! Jonas still has baby acne which comes out more so when he’s feeding and seems to be dealing with a lot of wind. Jonas doesn’t burp so it ends up coming out as trumps that he always follows through with too! He loves being in the sling and going for walks or car journeys seem to be a good place for a snooze too! Jonas is now registered at the GP and his check ups are all booked in for next month. Hamish had his hearing test and NHS speech assessment this week. It was also Tobias’ parents evening. Gavin and I went to the dentist where Jonas got to meet lots of new people. But most importantly we visited my brother & his partner on the Saturday and Jonas’ great grandmother and Aunt on the Sunday.

Much love Rebecca

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