2 Months of Jonas

Time is flying and I think we’re at the end of the 4th trimester now. Jonas is no longer a ewborn and very much becoming a little baby boy. Daily life is means we are trying to establish a routine (as much as is possible) through the day and night. This month we have started classes and joined in at baby groups to start to make new friends and introduce Jonas to other babies.

Jonas has mastered new milestones and keeps improving every day. He is now able to lift his head for longer periods of time, trying to do mini push ups, he really does love tummy time for short period throughout the day. He has started to open his hands and no longer has them in fists all the time. He now follows objects and voices with his head and eyes, the smiles I get are precious! He is easier to console when upset and is able to fall asleep by himself. He’s rolled over for the first time and makes lots of noise when talking to you.

Week five of Jonas – We met up with friends and went to a church fundraiser where Jonas had lots of cuddles, we visited two soft plays as all of the boys were on school holidays too. Jonas was weighed at home (as Health Visitors don’t weigh as often anymore) and he was a whopping 13lbs, we even had his first smile this week! Jonas watched his first vet visit and the cows went outside this week too.

Week Six – I think Jonas had a growth spurt this week, there was lots of feeding and struggling to fall asleep until 10.30pm. He was sleeping from 7.30pm till 2.30am, then 5.30am wake up and then waking around 8am for the day, so hoping to get back to this ASAP! School holidays have meant lots of visiting family and friends. This week I made personalised ceramic eggs to put on our Easter branch, we baked some chocolate nests, Tobias even stayed at grandmas for the first time and went to the theatre with her. We completed an Easter egg hunt in the local village, helped out at the church, we enjoyed a Sunday lunch with Gavins family and visited Bolton Abbey with friends to do the Easter trail there. We ended the week with an Easter egg hunt at home! We also heard from Hamish’s new school too, starting from September 2022.

Week Seven – From here on, I have the full bedtime routine to do on my own every Wednesday as Gavin’s shoot has started up. Thankfully it went well this first week. It was a quieter week for us, all the boys had their hair cuts in preparations for back to school, we celebrated great grandmas 91st birthday, we got the garden ready for summer by mowing the lawns and planting some vegetable seeds. On the Monday the school runs started again and with that we had farm meetings, GP check ups for me and we also tried a new playgroup.

Eight Weeks -Jonas is 2 months old!!! this week since being signed off with the GP I’ve upped my working out, to start working on my fitness and losing some pounds. We met up with a few different friends and have been truly spoilt with lots of gifts. Typically the car broke down again, but thankfully it wasn’t anything major. I started a new DIY project and it was the first May Bank Holliday this weekend so we did lots of cleaning in the house and more work in the garden like patio cleaning, cleaning the outside furniture, getting the herb pots pruned and we even planted more vegetable seeds. Jonas and I helped out at church on the Sunday and Gavin took some farm machinery to auction on the Monday. We had a HV visit for Seth and Jonas and ended the week by completing the first part of our 4 year TB testing.

Much love Rebecca

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