Visiting The Dentist With Children

All of my children are registered with the dentist and they visit every 6 months. At this stage as they all still have their milk/baby teeth, for me it’s more about getting them used to the idea of the visit and not being scared. From birth each of our children have come along to Gavin and I’s quarterly visits and then once they’re own teeth appear they are registered and get to go through the experience too.

Dentists are full of information and always willing to help with regards to:

Baby bottle tooth decay

Infant feeding practices

Mouth cleaning


Pacifier habits

Finger-sucking habits

I try to schedule the appointments to be in the morning where the children’s teeth are more fresh (straight after brushing) and the children aren’t cranky from a busy day. We have used books about visiting the dentist and a role play kit to help prepare them so they can get a general idea of what to expect. I like visiting the dentist, but not many people do, so I try to always be careful around the boys how I describe the visits. Each of my boys react in a different way at the dentist, Tobias and Hamish tend to be fine at showing their mouths open, whilst Seth will be stubborn and seal his mouth shut! I’m hoping with age he will become more confident and compliant.

The visits only last 10 minutes but it’s definitely worth it, the dentist will check each of their teeth and gums with a mirror, looking at the growth and development. The children love it when the dentist gets the mouth model to show them how to brush they’re teeth. All of my children have an electric toothbrush at home which they use in a morning and night with toothpaste. I let them brush their own teeth by themselves first to practise and get used to a toothbrush in their mouth and then I take over and make sure all the teeth and gums have been touched.

Much love Rebecca

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