Jonas’ Three Month Update

Another month has passed already and I can’t remember life without the Fab Four, it feels like little Jonas has always been around, which is a good thing, I think.

Jonas has mastered even more new milestones this month and has developed a strong neck, he doesn’t like to lie down anymore and would rather sit on your knee, facing outwards, to look at what’s going on. He is very nosey and stops mid-feed most times to see what’s happening behind him and to give me big smiles. He has become a big dribbler and blows bubbles constantly, he also likes sucking on his hand even when he isn’t hungry, which is confusing, but I think his gums are getting ready for his first teeth to come through. He knows who I am and knows that I’m the food giver. Finally, he has started reaching out for objects and holding things, especially on his play gym.

Week nine – this week we started a baby massage group, headed to a new playgroup and checked out Aldi & Lidl (for the middle isles of course)! I’ve started Hula Hooping daily again, working on that fitness! Tobias had his first school disco whilst Hamish and Seth both went to the dentist to get check ups. Jonas and I went on a coffee date with my mum, we also went to a lovely baby shower for one of my friends who’s due very soon. Sunday was a very chilled day for us where we pottered around the garden. We went to the recent PTFA meeting to offer help at some events that are coming up, we dropped off a Thankyou card to our midwife who is also retiring in June and finally we ended the week with visiting a friend and going to the park together.

Week ten – this week has been a steady quiet one. We need to work on Jonas’ naps as he currently can’t nap without being on me! Jonas and i visited my dad this week, Tobias started his new swimming class, but then Seth came down with chicken pox on the Thursday night! We were supposed to be meeting up with a friend but I’ll have to rearrange that. Over the weekend Tobias had bright red cheeks and we didn’t venture going out as it developed into scarlet fever. So we did some more garden jobs. We were supposed to go to the local duck race on the Sunday but my mum took Hamish for us (the only well child). Ive had to cancel Tobias’ dentist and hospital check (for his sprained arm, which is fine now). I’ve also started ordering all of the logo uniform clothing for school starting next year.

Week eleven – Jonas is getting stronger every day, he’s able to support his own head fully now and is less wobbly in general. He can support his own weight on his little legs and is able to concentrate for longer than ten minutes now when laying on his play mat. The cradle cap has arrived which doesn’t seem to bother him, thankfully (until I start brushing it). He struggles to sleep through the day and to fall asleep on a night but once he’s asleep he goes down for nine hours straight through the night (8pm – 5am). Jonas had his first jabs this week which went unnoticed and didn’t affect him in any sense! We went shopping for summer wear in Harrogate on the Friday too as well as going to get mummy’s eyebrows sorted out, finally! Tobias started cricket so we went to watch his first session, it made mummy cry, thinking about how proud James would have been to see that moment! Tobias absolutely loved it and wanted to go back the next day (instead of having to wait a whole week)!

Week twelve – Finally we have established a full bed time routine with Jonas, trying to help him wind down ready to put himself to sleep, this has had many different degrees of success in the last couple of weeks as he has been ill with chicken pox.  The routine roughly looks like the following:

• 6pm – feed

• 6.30pm – bath time with one of his brothers

• 6.45pm – massage and dressed into night clothes

• 7pm – book with his brothers

• 7.15pm – bottle feed and then rocked until half asleep

• 7.45pm (ish) – put down in his crib to fall fully asleep on his own.

Much love Rebecca

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