Day In The Life

It’s nearly 3 years since I did a ‘day in the life’ so I thought I would do an updated version now we have 4 little ones to contend with! Everyday I’d different and I try to mix it up with activities, together with the school runaround’s and clubs that the boys are all part of. I like to keep myself busy and the boys occupied as much as possible and writing this blog post made me see just what I get up to.

05.30: Gavin gets up to do the morning jobs on the farm. Jonas and I dose back off until his brothers wake us up.
07.00: Tobias, Hamish & Seth usually wake up around this time and come up to my room to play whilst I give Jonas a top up feed.
07.20: We get out of bed and I then get myself ready for the day, followed by all three boys. We then head downstairs.
08.00: Is usually the time we have breakfast. I will make a coffee for the car journey, whilst the boys watch TV and put their shoes etc on. 08.25: we set off on the school run. 09.00: we get home and meet up with Gavin who has come in for his breakfast
09.30: Gavin goes back out to work for the morning. I then get on with my go do list for the day. 10.00: Jonas will have a feed. 13:00: Jonas has another feed. 14.45: we head out on the school run. 15.45: Gavin comes in for a quick drink and then goes out to do night jobs on the farm. Tobias and Hamish will have a snack and I give Jonas a feed. The boys will play whilst I do this.
16.30: I start to get the house ready for the night time and start making the boys teas, Tobias also reads his book to me whilst I’m doing this.
17:00: Is teatime for the children and lasts up to half a hour.
17.45: Jonas has a feed. 18.00: it’s time for the children’s bath, this takes alot of juggling now!
18.45: Gavin comes in from jobs on the farm, and plays with the boys for a little while then it’s officially bed time for everyone. Jonas is last to bed around 19.30 sad this feed is a bottle of formula, which I give him whilst Gavin makes tea for us.
20.30: is usually tea time for us and then Gavin and I will use this time to catch up on our TV or ignore each other and watch our phones!
22.30: We go to bed.

The weeks are also very structured and have changed somewhat since Jonas arrived at the beginning of March. So our typical week looks a little like this:

Monday is a school day for Tobias (8.40am-3.10pm) and a preschool day for Hamish (9am-3.30pm). So it’s what I call ‘Seth day’, we tend to either head up to the local playgroup or go for a swimming class. Followed by lots of sleep, cleaning the house and then picking up the other boys from their schools, Tobias also has after school club on a Monday. Monday nights are usually Jonas (& Seth if we haven’t been swimming) bath night.

Tuesday, apart from Tobias (who is at school) I have all the children and we tend to all go to the local playgroup. If we don’t we go to the park after school pick up. I call this day ‘Hamish day’ and try to do some baking with him or something of his choice. I also try to catch up at home with cleaning jobs in the afternoon or I’m usually decluttering or tidying cupboards if we don’t go out, theres always somewhere that has a build up of crap in my house! It’s bath night on a Tuesday for Tobias & Hamish.

Wednesday is school for Tobias and preschool for Hamish and Seth. This is the day I call ‘Jonas day’ we were going to baby massage classes but they’ve just finished and I’m on the scout for a new class to go to. I tend to do some more cleaning in the afternoon and before I know it the school run creeps up! The boys always want an early night on school days, as they do a lot of activities there! So when they get home it’s an early tea and a prompt bedtime, after Seth and Jonas have a bath.

Thursday is my mums day, aka ‘grandma day’, so we go see her for the day, straight after Tobias is dropped off at school. Sometimes we have a lot of jobs to do at her house, if not I’ll try to make her leave the home and go out somewhere. Tobias has swimming straight after school on a Thursday so my mum looks after the younger children whilst I take him and afterwards we head home for tea, Hamish has a bath and then bed.

Friday is another preschool day for Seth and Hamish and school for Tobias. On these days I run errands with Jonas in tow. I also do some more cleaning in the house and try to go for a big walk. By the time I’m done it’s time to pick the older three up. When we get home, we have a bit of playtime together, a quick early tea so Tobias can head to cricket at night, which is always fun as it’s usually just me and him (with Jonas in the sling)! So I like to think of Fridays as ‘Tobias’ day’.

Saturdays and Sunday are Gavin’s days with the family. We are either doing DIY at home/ the garden or heading out on an adventure. Saturday is Seth & jonas’ bath night whilst Sunday is for Tobias & Hamish. Every day is different. Emergencies can arise but the great thing about living on a farm is unless we need something or there’s an appointment we have to attend, we don’t actually need to go out. I’m trying to bring in more craft activities, messy play and doing things at home at the moment especially with the rising costs of living!

Much love Rebecca

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