Jonas’ 4 Month Update

Jonas is no longer a newborn, just as quickly as he came into this world, he’s grown into a baby boy now, I’m left with a bitter sweet feeling and mixed emotions. You don’t notice the growth or changes on a daily basis but going back through old blog posts and pictures makes me see the differences. Month four has flown by, I think more so as it’s the lead up to the 6 weeks holiday. The developments also kept coming through thick and fast. So much so that I give him a bottle of formula milk as his last feed every night now (5oz). Unfortunately the bad news is that his sleep pattern has changed (for the worse, I feel) he won’t sleep on his own through the day or for long periods of time – so I will be focusing on that over the next month. As always he keeps achieving his current milestones and impressing me every day with his new ‘tricks’! We’ve tried him in a walker and he’s now big enough to touch the floor and ready to go, go, go! He started bringing his hands together but he seems to have forgotten or chooses not to roll over anymore! He giggles all the time but also gets bored easily. He loves his reflection in the mirror and stares at himself for long periods of time, he’s also found his hands and feet now and likes to put them in his mouth as much as possible. He bats hanging toys and plays with activity centres, he is so busy when he’s awake trying to sit and stand (jumping when you hold him upright and doing bicycle legs by himself when he’s lying down) that I think he’s going to be a busy fellow when he’s older, just like all his brothers. He loves to watch them and takes it all in!

Week thirteen – this week Hamish had his first hour at big boy school, with me there, to explore the classroom and it’s facilities. We had a meeting on the farm about grants that we are going to try and apply for in the future and to put a 5 year farm plan in place. This week Jonas and I helped at the school fashion show, fundraising money to put back into our lovely primary school. Jonas and I visited valley gardens and the park there with one of my mummy friends. Tobias had his check up at the hospital, who confirmed it was just a sprain and no breakages! We finished the week by getting together with our local community for a churchyard tidy up, the turnout was massive and there was a real buzz around the place.

Week fourteen – Jonas had his second lot of immunisations this week, we also visited a lot of my friends this week for catch ups and walks in Leeds. We celebrated Father’s Day by visiting Jervaux Abbey, which is near Masham and we ended the day with an ice cream at Brymour.

Week fifteen – this week Tobias visited the dentist, where I was warned that his baby teeth may start falling out any time now. Both Nana and grandad went on their holiday and grandma too went a couple of days later on her own holiday! So I was left all on my own, with my OWN children, can you believe that! Just before my mum packed her bag to go on her jolly’s we visited Birchfield Farm where we picked our own strawberries, fed baby lambs and had lunch there too. On the Friday I met up with a friend at a baby event in Harrogate. The weekend was spent enjoying a swim with Hamish, whilst Gavin and Tobias got their bi-monthly haircuts.

Week sixteen – Hamish was back at primary school for a stay and play session on his own, if I’m honest I was a mess – this is a big step for him. We also had his first NHS speech therapy session – I’m not holding my breath with these as there’s only two sessions offered and the private sessions were much more focused. I went for a walk with two friends. I had a gym induction, so this is me on the straight and narrow from now on! Tobias had a play date on the Friday, I set a treasure hunt out for them to complete, we made sailing boats as a crafty exercise and ended with a picnic style tea. Before I knew it it was time to take Tobias and his friend to cricket. Finally we ended the week celebrating Hamish’s birthday, 4 years old, I just can’t believe it!

Much love

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