Hamishs 4th Birthday & Fathers Day

For Hamishs fourth birthday we had already decided that we would hold off plans to go on an adventure until the six weeks holiday. But I still wanted to make his actual special day a big event for him too. I originally had visions of going to Diggerland (as he’s the only summer baby and the attraction isn’t open during winter months) however

After listening to reviews and seeing the price, I decided I would wait for all the boys to get to a certain age so they could all enjoy it together in the future. Instead we’re going to head to Forbidden Corner for a day trip out as a family.

For the lead up to Hamishs birthday it was a week of cake organising, wrapping presents and blowing up all the balloons. His actual birthday fell on a Sunday, so Gavin took the day off and we decided on building all of his big presents on this day (a big single bed and a seesaw). Jonas was a mess that day too (the start of the four month regression) so Gavin and I took him for a big walk whilst Hamish and his other brothers went to open presents with his grandparents and family. We finished the day by heading out for a meal at night and a trip to a local park. We also enjoyed the birthday cake and blowing out the candles with all of the family too. I tried a new cake makers this time and it was sublime! It was then a speedy bedtime for all the boys ready for the Monday school run. Hamish had a fab birthday and I can’t wait for some good weather to enjoy an adventure out with him and the rest of our family.

Fathers Day is usually a normal day for us.  Each of the boys had made a card at their schools for Daddy so I didn’t need to do much planning for that. We ventured out to Jervaux Abbey for a walk around, it was a beautiful site and we were able to really explore as it was quiet and then we headed to Brymour for a cheeky icecream and I had a coffee. It was a great day trip out for everyone and the boys were able to run off some excess steam whilst Gavin took in the views and enjoyed a more mellow day!

Much love

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