Car Shopping

One of the more challenging decisions you have to make when you have more than the average amount of children is finding the best large family car that is comfortable for everyone to ride in and also gets a decent amount of mileage from the diesel you put in. It’s taken a long time for me to succombe and come round to the idea that we have outgrown our amazing land rover discovery sport and I’m gutted but ready for the change now! This car has served its purpose for 3 children and I’ve loved every minute in it but as it’s getting older and we’re spending money every month on fixing it, it’s become apparent we need a change and we also need the extra space for when we go on holidays and big journeys as a family all together. So our family of 4 children (and 2 adults) need an 8+ seater VAN! What scares me is feeling like I’m going to be driving a bus. I’m hoping it isn’t very hard to drive or park (except maybe parallel parking).

We don’t have any boot space at the moment and it’s impacting on (in my opinion) the safety of the children, as they have to sit on seats I would prefer them not to be in. So we are currently spending a lot of our time researching cars that would work for us, and truth be told, there aren’t a lot of options out there!

So I guess we should start with what are our requirements are:

A dark coloured car

Preferably manual

8 seats minimum

Large boot space

Reasonably priced

Up to 6 years old

Sat nav

I would also love the car to have leather interior for easy cleaning. But that’s not a must!

We have our heart set on a ford toureno but they are far and few between at the moment, and the ones we have come across have usually been converted for wheelchair usage. In the current climate, I need something that has a high mpg. Gavin has also considered electric but Im not completely convinced with such a big vehicle just yet! We’ve also been warned that due to new car delays from shipping from other countries, it’s having an impact on second hand vehicle sales too!

I must say I’m excited of the prospect of more space and getting the kids into their seats easier. Wish me luck, on this new venture! Hopefully we will find something that meets all our criteria soon!

Much love Rebecca

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