Jonas is 5 Months Old

Month five has been a trying month, Jonas went through the sleep regression but overall it wasn’t too bad. He’s now up two times through the night. He also has a bottle of formula milk as his last feed every night now, some nights I even get to escape and go the gym. He does continue to feed every 3 hours through the day, though and seems to have developed separation anxiety. Which is becoming very tolling on me. Usually I start weaning at this stage but I’m going to wait till we come back from our holidays.

This month Jonas is trying to master skills such as sitting for short periods without support and then either falling left, right or even face forwards, it’s the really early stages of sitting so we will keep practising. Whenever I leave a room he gets very upset and squeals if I don’t come back (stranger anxiety). He blows lots of bubbles so maybe teeth are on the way. He shows great interest in people who act differently and will stare at the funny faces people pull at him, giving lots of smiles back. He doesn’t ever want to lie down anymore he is forever pulling himself to an upward position to stand. He comfortably rolls from his tummy to back and vice versa. He turns towards new noises so I know he’s not deaf. Finally he can amuse himself by playing with his hands and feet for short periods.

Week seventeen – this week Jonas and I met with the ladies we met at baby massage. Tobias had his first school trip to Harewood house, it was also Tobias‘s first sports day so the whole family and Grandma came along to watch. Gavin needed an emergency dentist appointment for toothache so of course it was a family trip out. On the Saturday evening was our next door neighbours wedding reception which was in a marquee and I left my mum to watch over all four boys who were already sleeping before she arrived. We finish the week with another visit to Hamish’s speech therapy and that’s his sessions complete now I am planning on doing a separate post with regards to this.

Week eighteen – this week was Jonas’s final immunisations which he didn’t batter an eyelid about. Hamish had his second settling in day at school which he handled like a champ! Tobias enjoyed the final school disco and managed to spend £5 on nothing I’m still trying to work out where my money went missing! The weekend was dedicated to church activities, on the Saturday the children and I went to the messy church which was all around David and Goliath and then on the Sunday I went to help with my church duties. There was also a Bounce charity event at a new location that I attended this week and it proved that I needed to get back in the gym ASAP!

Week nineteen – this week Jonas and I visited a friend in Leeds and we went for a walk around Roundhay Park, it was the last day of school this week which also meant the start of the six weeks holiday which I was anticipating to be horrendous but so far is going well. We met up with some friends to enjoy a treetops visit at Lightwater Valley and would highly recommend everyone to go as it was thoroughly enjoyable. We’ve also attended the local soft play with some friends to celebrate their child’s birthday! Over than that the week was filled with farm jobs and home activities such as starting to get ready for concrete, baking, doing some school work books and I also managed to do the toy rotation.

Week twenty – The park life has begun, my plan is to visit a different park each week during the six weeks holiday. We visited grandad whilst at his work, Hamish had his first swimming lesson, I did lots of cleaning around the house with help from Seth. We have all been helping out on the farm much to Gavin dismay! We visited Brimham rocks as a family at the weekend and checked out local reservoirs to see how full they were and I’ve just been trying to fit in a lot of gardening where possible.

Jonas is growing and growing every week and I want him to slow down! He keeps hitting those milestones and proving how he wants to grow up just like his big brothers!

Much love Rebecca

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